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Praying for you, Texas!

Some of us can serve, most of us can give, and all of us can pray! Do what you can! Much love and prayers for you, Texas! I dedicate my song, “Give Me Wings” to you! I am praying for beautiful super blooms of blessings to come miraculously out of the hardship, tragedy, and loss.

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KSON RADIO- San Diego’s #1 Country Radio Station

Thanks KSON Radio 97.3fm (San Diego’s #1 Country) for having me yesterday and for giving me a shout out about my new album, “Personal Decree”! You all are awesome! This was “Write a Tune Tuesday” – listeners called in with song thoughts and I had one hour to make a 90 second song out of it. Here is the result from listeners’ thoughts of 1) traffic, 2) a desert birthday party, and 3) every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast. Lots of thoughts rolled into one song. 😂I’ll post more pics and videos later but here’s KSON’s Facebook live stream! So fun! Thank you KSON RADIO for this great opportunity! You all are so fun to hang out with!! 😊🎶 You can listen HERE but I’ll also compile a video for YouTube soon. :) 

KSon Radio Hannah Ford

“Give Me Wings”- Brand New Music Video

Brand New Music Video – “Give Me Wings”! I hope it’s an encouragement to you! From the brand new album, “Personal Decree”- available at my music store here! Over 53k views on Facebook! Now I need to get this YouTube video out there. Please SHARE! Thanks!

Brand New Album! “Personal Decree” available NOW!

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I am so happy to share this new album with you! 13 original songs-  1 hour of top notch production and deep lyrics that I hope will encourage everyone  in a powerful way!!! 7 is the biblical number for completion so I find it very fun that I officially released this album on 7-7-17 at 7:17 pm in the Hebrew calendar year of 5777. After 5 years of work, I gathered with 7 friends to release it, pray for it, and dedicate it to God. The delay in this project wasn’t planned, but it has been so worth it because it is now what some are calling a “Masterpiece”. God’s timing is perfect!  I’ll be sharing more about the journey, the meaning of the artwork, and more later, but I wanted to get this out to you as soon as possible!  I am soooooooo excited about how God is going to use this in people’s lives and I’m so thankful for the prayers and support that people like you gave me to have this come to pass!

PLEASE purchase the album, write a review for it in iTunes/Google Play, and share the news about it!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I pray it blesses you IMMENSELY!!!

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Deluxe CD Package– $15
Shipping in the USA is the same for 1 album or 10 – $4

1 CD total with shipping and tax = $15 plus $4=$19
2 CDs total with shipping and tax= $30 plus $4= $34
10 CDs total with shipping and tax= $150 plus $4= $154
For larger orders please contact me for rates.

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“A Masterpiece!”
“I think this is the best album I’ve ever heard!”
“Waves of Glory is more than a song. It’s an experience.”
“Intelligent lyrics, full of the Holy Spirit.”

-Hannah Ford releases her 4th album, Personal Decree, featuring her strongest collection of songs to date. From the haunting melodies of Child of Royalty to the simple worship chorus Offering, Personal Decree is a breathe of peace to strengthen weary souls. Gabriel Wilson from Rock N Roll Worship Circus and Mark Suhonen of Matt Redman fame shape a rich landscape of lush sounds and big choruses which make the perfect background to Hannah’s unique vocal talents. Personal favorites are Don’t Give Up, New Day and Offering.”

Holland Davis
Pastor Calvary Chapel San Clemente and author of the multi-platinum selling Let It Rise.

-“Wow!!! I give this album my absolute highest recommendation. Each song penetrates deep with a message of encouragement and hope. The lyrics are powerful and the music exceptional, with excellent sound quality—it’s easy to find myself singing along. The songs are deeply personal and real, not fake or shallow. They explore the interface of life and faith, answering questions of where God fits when life gets hard. Several of the songs on this album brought me to tears, as I recognized God’s love pulling me from despair, encouraging me to buckle down and thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances. I pray that this album will reach the ends of the earth, touching many lives with the power of God’s presence and helping people live in victory no matter what they face.”

-Karen Butland

“I just downloaded Hannah Ford’s new album “Personal Decree today and I can’t stop listening to it!!!! I don’t even know where to begin, but here it goes…. If I have to choose a favorite song, it would be “Waves of Glory”. As I listened to it, immediately I felt it go right through me, and I couldn’t stop crying. It’s like being in the presence of God, and hearing angels singing with Hannah. This album is filled with encouragement and hope. “Peace” is a perfect song for parents to play for their children as they drift off to sleep, and for anybody who may struggle with anxiety or depression. I could literally talk about each song individually as they are so anointed by the Lord. I love this album, and want to tell everyone I know. For myself, the songs will be a great help on my journey in life. Thank you so much for all of the hours you’ve spent knitting this beautiful piece of art together, and for all the prayers you’ve poured into it. God bless you Hannah!!!”

– Angela Joseph

“WelI done, Hannah. Well done. I was listening to the words and they are so right on for worship and connecting with God. The songs are a reminder of all of the promises God gave me. Really uplifting and powerful. This is one of those times that I will probably kick myself for not buying more. My girls will love this.”

-Reverend Brandel, Wisconsin

Pre-Release Album Concert!

Tonight I had a Pre-CD Release concert in Green Lake, Wisconsin at the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference. My favorite little man was dancing the whole time in the very front. So precious! ❤😊🙏🎶🎇

Small World!

This is so amazing! About 10 years ago I went to the Philippines and did concerts around the island of Negros with a team. I gave 500 of my CDs away there. Tonight I was setting up my mic stand getting ready for worship when I notice this guy looking at me. He asked if I was Hannah Ford and said I gave him a cd in the Philippines. That’s how he recognized me. But I recognized him, too, because he’s in my photos from that trip that I recently looked at!😮😄Now we both live on San Diego and he works at the school where the new Mission church plant I was leading worship for rents for services. 😮 And then we found out that we both go to the Rock Church Point Loma. Oh my! Crazy! Made my night!