"I have a personal decree that no matter how life rolls, I'll keep on praising with all my heart and soul..."

“Love this album! If anyone wants to be uplifted this is the album for you! It will touch your heart & life, you will feel the presence of God!”

“A Masterpiece!”

“I think this is the best album I’ve ever heard!”

“Waves of Glory is more than a song. It’s an experience.”


“Intelligent lyrics, full of the Holy Spirit.”

“Your new CD is BRILLIANT!! Gave me shivers!!”


“This is wonderful, powerful music! Encouraging, uplifting and unique. Hannah has a gift for bringing her feelings to God and helps her listeners to do the same. Helping people encounter God is her special gift. Each song has a fresh flavor with catchy and memorable melodies. Easy to sing along! I recommend it.” 

“This music is fun, thoughtful, worshipful, and deep. I had to listen again and again. The songs blessed me. The album demonstrates her personal journey and faith, and encouragement to everyone. God is with us. Don’t give up! There is anointing in these songs and this album. I’m a fan of her other albums- but like this one the best. Thank you, Hannah, for this gift. Genius lyrics with amazing instrumentation!”

-Dr. David Levy

“There’s just something so healing about Hannah’s distinctive vocals, and that is present on “Waves of Glory” and “Peace,” worship songs that truly draw the listener into actively soaring with the Spirit of God. It’s not just about her vocals, however, Hannah has proven herself to be an excellent songwriter, with creative and catchy choruses coupled with solid and compelling verses, Personal Decree is quickly becoming my very favorite work by Hannah.”

-Aimee Herd, Editor at Breaking Christian News (Full review below.)

“WHAT A FANTASTIC, ANOINTED PROJECT!!… These songs are full of faith, hope, and love as well as the raw emotion of pain and struggle. You will be encouraged, comforted, strengthened, challenged and uplifted as you listen.”

-Norelle Lutke, Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries  (Full review below.)

“Hannah Ford releases her 4th album, Personal Decree, featuring her strongest collection of songs to date. From the haunting melodies of Child of Royalty to the simple worship chorus Offering, Personal Decree is a breathe of peace to strengthen weary souls. Gabriel Wilson from Rock N Roll Worship Circus and Mark Suhonen of Matt Redman fame shape a rich landscape of lush sounds and big choruses which make the perfect background to Hannah’s unique vocal talents. Personal favorites are Don’t Give Up, New Day and Offering.”

-Holland Davis

Pastor Calvary Chapel San Clemente and author of the multi-platinum selling Let It Rise.

-“Wow!!! I give this album my absolute highest recommendation. Each song penetrates deep with a message of encouragement and hope. The lyrics are powerful and the music exceptional, with excellent sound quality—it’s easy to find myself singing along. The songs are deeply personal and real, not fake or shallow. They explore the interface of life and faith, answering questions of where God fits when life gets hard. Several of the songs on this album brought me to tears, as I recognized God’s love pulling me from despair, encouraging me to buckle down and thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances. I pray that this album will reach the ends of the earth, touching many lives with the power of God’s presence and helping people live in victory no matter what they face.”

-Karen Butland

“This album is amazing! Hannah Ford D’Alessandro is amazing! This album is a celebration of how amazing God is! Even in those difficult moments, this album has helped to revitalize my hope and decrease the stress life tries to place on me. Please support my beautiful friend’s music. #dontgiveup #personaldecree

-Syreta Nolan

“I just downloaded Hannah Ford’s new album “Personal Decree today and I can’t stop listening to it!!!! I don’t even know where to begin, but here it goes…. If I have to choose a favorite song, it would be “Waves of Glory”. As I listened to it, immediately I felt it go right through me, and I couldn’t stop crying. It’s like being in the presence of God, and hearing angels singing with Hannah. This album is filled with encouragement and hope. “Peace” is a perfect song for parents to play for their children as they drift off to sleep, and for anybody who may struggle with anxiety or depression. I could literally talk about each song individually as they are so anointed by the Lord. I love this album, and want to tell everyone I know. For myself, the songs will be a great help on my journey in life. Thank you so much for all of the hours you’ve spent knitting this beautiful piece of art together, and for all the prayers you’ve poured into it. God bless you Hannah!!!”

-Angela Joseph

“WelI done, Hannah. Well done. I was listening to the words and they are so right on for worship and connecting with God. The songs are a reminder of all of the promises God gave me. Really uplifting and powerful. This is one of those times that I will probably kick myself for not buying more. My girls will love this.”

-Reverend Brandel, Wisconsin

“I’ve never met anyone so in love with worshiping God. Every single song on your “Personal Decree” album is full of hope and promise; this is why I played it on repeat for weeks and weeks in my car. I couldn’t get enough of the message. Your words of hope are so desperately needed in these times. I didn’t realize how starved my soul was for these life-giving words until I heard your album and couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for what you are doing! You are a light to this world. Thank you for making your music accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to hear your message. It’s clear that your work is not just a career… it’s a calling. You’re not doing this for fame or fortune; you’re doing it for the sake of the Kingdom. You will be greatly rewarded for this, good and faithful servant!

Your song lyrics also remind me that God has not forgotten me, He knows the desires of my heart, His promises are true, and He is worthy of praise, no matter what the circumstances dictate. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me and to countless others, I’m sure.”

Laura Smail (La Jolla, CA)

“I absolutely adore this album! It is like a beautiful piece of God’s work. Thank you, Hannah Ford, for making this beautiful piece of faith. These songs will give you hope every time you listen.”
– Annabella Joseph

Personal Decree is a seriously phenomenal album by singer/songwriter Hannah Ford. It’s meticulously crafted, beginning with the beautiful orchestrations and catchy melodies. Hannah’s bright and powerful vocals minister, empower, and inspire me and so do her cleverly written lyrics. The song Together Beautiful is one gorgeous analogy, “I prayed for wind to blow dark clouds over me. I was hoping for some thunder, rain, and lightning. Just wanted creation to match this pain inside. To know you cared about the downpour coming from my eyes.” This is one of my favorite songs, but really this whole album shines and resonates within my spirit. Personal Decree is truly an arsenal in my playilst to tackle the day. It’s kind of like my mini-devotional that I get to sing along with. BTW, I have the digital download but highly recommend purchasing the physical CD if you can, because you get the lyrics and the insert- it’s a little masterpiece in itself.

-Dana Stromy

-Cheri and I were in the car on the way home from somewhere a few minutes ago, and we were listening to our daughter Hannah Ford D’Alessandro ‘s new CD, Personal Decree. The song we were listening to is called “Peace”. The Holy Spirit’s anointing on the song is so strong that it moved us both to tears, close to weeping. You may say I’m biased when I say this, but I’m being honest: God’s anointing is on this entire CD in a way that I have never ever seen before – literally every song. Please pray with us that God will get this CD out there, far and wide. Many many thousands of people need the encouragement and empowerment that these songs will provide them. So powerful! Thanks. Her website is

-Clay Ford (My Dad :) )

Everyone should go buy  Hannah Ford D’Alessandro new album! Its so good, got it prerelease and its money well spent!

-Rylie Hart

“Hey friends – I just got my CD last night and I can’t say enough about it!
I encourage you to get one and you WILL BE BLESSED!!
Hannah Ford D’Alessandro thank you for your heart of worship !!!
Can’t wait for the next one !!!”
-Lisa Nickell

“Best of all hannah’s cds put together. God Songs can drive life if you sit in the passenger seat…happening to me and I’m loving life in the overdrive. Thank you Hannah Ford for your faithfulness, the message becomes so clear under your voice. Listening makes me want to go closer to the spiritual life with Jesus as Lord, otherwise i might just miss it. Recommend anyone reading this review gets a hold of her music. Hannah and family, you can’t imagine what your songs have done and continue to do, at least for me.”
-Devin Eshelman

“Hannah-just can’t tell you how much I love this album! Child of Royalty is a song you just want to stand up and cheer while singing it, it’s so powerful! Would LOVE a full video of that cut-just isn’t enough on the album video-great video though! Way to go Hannah! Want to call K-Love and tell them they’ve got to play some from Personal Decree or we’ll all miss out!!!!”
Carol Paige Taylor


– Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries


Take a listen, friends, and then please share on FB. People need to know about this awesome new musical offering!! You are going to want to purchase Hannah’s album so you can immerse yourself in it. These songs are full of faith, hope, and love as well as the raw emotion of pain and struggle. You will be encouraged, comforted, strengthened, challenged and uplifted as you listen. Hannah writes all her own songs and is known for her well thought out and deep lyrics, as well as her great musical ability that covers a wide range of musical styles. Hannah can let it rip with driving rhythms and refrains, then croon lullaby-like tunes, then bounce along with happy pop sounds, and then launch her listeners into a “remember-your-first-love” worship moment. She is an amazing artist and what a great accomplishment is this new album ‘Personal Decree.’ “


-Review by Aimee Herd, Editor of Breaking Christian News

There’s a personal place like no other when you are sure of where your strength comes from: that it doesn’t come from you—but the One who died and rose again to bring you life eternal. It’s not a place of pride, quite the opposite; it’s a place of reliance on the God who created your heart and knows you through and through. No pretension, no fear, just reality and trust—trust in the all-powerful nail-scarred hands that hold you through every trial.

It’s out of this place of relationship with Jesus that Hannah Ford brings melodic expressions of praise and worship that seem to usher you right into that secret place with the Lord, as well as songs of trusting through struggles, and of calling on God for help.

Personal Decree—Hannah Ford’s latest release opens with “Child of Royalty,” a beautiful, ethereal, but strong song of knowing in Whom you trust, spoken plainly in the chorus: “I know who You are and I know who I am, so I’m gonna praise You and I’m gonna stand on all of Your promises given to me…”

“Don’t Give Up,” a song that was released early as a single, is a dose of strength and hope for the battle-weary warrior, and this latest version of the song is better than ever.

There’s just something so healing about Hannah’s distinctive vocals, and that is present on “Waves of Glory” and “Peace,” worship songs that truly draw the listener into actively soaring with the Spirit of God. It’s not just about her vocals, however, Hannah has proven herself to be an excellent songwriter, with creative and catchy choruses coupled with solid and compelling verses, Personal Decree is quickly becoming my very favorite work by Hannah.

“Breakthrough” is a song directed right to the Lord, calling on Him to punch through the strongholds like “hardness, lies, darkness, sorrow and pain,” and bring the needed victory.

The lyrics in “Together Beautiful” will immediately touch your heart, as they artistically speak to that place of hurt that we all have known at one time or another. “I prayed for wind to blow dark clouds over me, I was hoping for some thunder, rain, and lightning, just wanted creation to match this pain inside…” But the song doesn’t leave the listener there; as the bridge builds, so does a feeling of hope and trust in God who works all things together for His children, and brings that beauty from ashes.

On “Right Now” Hannah’s voice melds effortlessly with the beautiful piano-led melody that grows to communicate a strong resolve to make every moment count for the Lord.

“New Day” carries a theme of thankfulness for God’s promise of each new day, and the opportunity for a fresh outpouring of praise. “At Your Feet” is both a song of surrender and resolve to keep worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth.

One of the very poignant ballads on Personal Decree is “Give Me Wings,” which echoes King David’s cry for wings to fly, set against a smooth country feel that works surprisingly well.

“Offering” closes out the album and seems a fitting conclusion to such a heartfelt, and musically exceptional project.

The musicality on Personal Decree is first-rate and the brilliance of producers Gabriel Wilson and Mark Suhonen is evident on every track. Perhaps the icing on the cake is that Hannah Ford’s voice—warm, authentic and strong—has never sounded better!