1st Blog Post... wrapping up 2019, and into 2020.

It was a busy December! I led worship at different churches every week, and had some fun out of the ordinary things going on, too... like spontaneously making up songs live on the radio. It's always good to be stretched. haha. I love Jesus and singing about His birth. I love the carols, and I love what He did for us! Below is an original recorded Christmas song I wrote called, "Precious Child." One of my FAVORITE things about this past December was putting "Merry Christmas! Love, Hannah" labels on several hundred of my Radiance and Beautiful Love albums. My parents helped me pass them out in the Walmart parking lot, their housing community, beaches, hospitals, the post office, and other random places that God ordained. I'm so thankful that these CDs (seed-ds) are being planted in lives to BLOOM. And I'm thankful that cds aren't obsolete yet, because I have some boxes to plant still! (PHOTOS and VIDEOS coming soon!)

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