Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday! I had a great time leading worship this morning at Harbor Church and because I play guitar, I knew I wouldn’t have my hands free to wave palm branches… so I dressed like a palm tree. Lol! I’m so thankful for my Savior and I love Him so much…hosanna…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Re-posting my St. Patrick’s Day song- this is from when I was on “Write a Tune Tuesday”, KSON 97.3 fm, San Diego’s #1 Country station! Lol! :) They said to write a song about green beer and corned beef and I hardly had any time to do it. I came up with something silly but deep. If you can’t catch the deeper symbolism, I explain it at the end of the video. :) (Hint: shamrock=Trinity, rainbows=promises, pot of gold=treasures in God.) (Newsflash: I already knew that alcohol can cause liver damage. I don’t drink it anyway, so no worries. But I just learned that too much GREEN tea can also cause liver damage! Moderation, folks.)

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Happy International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day! It always amazes me to think that everyone on the planet for all time was once in a woman’s belly! While we aren’t all moms, God has given us all dreams to pursue and people to love. I have always been so thankful for Jesus. From as far back as I can remember reading the gospels, I have been given so much peace in my life from His love. He moved beyond the boundaries of culture and religious protocol and treated women with respect, equality, pure love, value, and importance. While women weren’t in His group of 12 disciples, they were definitely in His inner circle. And after He was crucified and risen back to life, He chose to appear to two women and they became His first messengers of the good news of His resurrection. God bless you, women, to fulfill the callings and destinies that God has put in your hearts! We are all beautifully unique and here for a great purpose! Please pray for the women who need help and justice¬†around the world!



I am happy Hannah….

I am so happy! I felt like there was a breakthrough during music hour at the Alzheimer’s home today! I choose some songs that have special spots where the patients get to say a response. I have never heard them so spot on remembering their parts, plus they had creativity with them! Also, the workers were talking about how one of the patients is never happy until I’m there. I know that it’s God working through the music and bringing them peace and joy. Plus, I’ve been telling them that they are important and that they are here for a reason. I’ve been telling them that their prayers are important. Today I told them that we need wisdom electing a new president-then we sang the prayer song, “God Bless America.” I remember when people in the music industry would tell me to decide on an age group for my music. From kids to elderly, and every age in-between, I just love them all and I’m so grateful my music ministry isn’t limited. We all matter to God-every age and race. He loves us all!


I think I’m going to write a little book. I’ve never done this before. Right now every chapter is just a piece of paper with notes.  

Gearing up for new music…

I’ve put my next album on hold for a long while but I’m getting excited again about how God will use the songs once they’re released.
“Peace” is one of them that I think will help lots of people. 13 new songs coming down the pike soon. I’d appreciate your prayers! Thanks!
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