Music moves hearts and it’s one of God’s tools to release His love to the world. Hannah calls her cds “Seed-ds” because she loves to seed them into people’s lives. She’s been to more than 22 countries over the years and because of people’s support, she has been able to donate cds around the world– 600 to Russian college students, 500 in the Philippines, 200 in Israel and Palestine, as well as bringing more to Morocco, Mexico, prisons, youth and foster care camps. She’s been blessed to see much fruit, even in places where Bibles are not permitted but music is.

Production and ministry costs are very expensive but it is worth it when a song accomplishes it’s goal. Some current specific needs that you can give towards are:

-Music and media production costs
-Music and media equipment needs
-Outreach costs

Thank you for your partnership through prayers and giving!

(Good news!- I am now able to offer tax deductions for your giving to my music ministry projects, if you prefer. Please contact me via my contact page and I will give you instructions.)

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Israel                                                          Russia

Philippines                                               Norway