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I love nature and I’m such a huge fan of the ultimate Artist who created beauty.  It brings me a lot of  happiness to be able to share some of my photographs. I’ve matched up some of my songs with the photos which makes each come alive even more. Enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for some really cool ones coming from Alaska, Brazil, Virginia, and more from San Diego! Sales from photos go to support my music ministry.

Photos can be re-sized, put onto canvas, and many other options. Scroll down to the bottom of page for more pricing information. For inquiries, contact: hfm.management@live.com.

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1.) “Waves of Glory” by Hannah Ford

“Waves of Glory” is a song on my upcoming 4th album. It’s a song that cries out for God’s presence to flood us and flow through us reaching the nations.

2.) “Reflecting the Colors of His Beauty” by Hannah Ford
This is what we do when we’re in love with the King.

3.) “Radiance” by Hannah Ford
I gave this photo the name of my 3d album. God is radiantly beautiful!

4.) “Where Two or More are Gathered” by Hannah Ford
This photo reminds me of Matthew 18:20.Let us not give up praying together, riding on the wind of His Spirit, and enjoying the journey together through it all. He is with us!

5.) “A Glimpse Into the Heavens” by Hannah Ford
This picture was taken right near where my husband proposed to me! It reminds me that while we see and appreciate beauty here on earth now, it is only a glimpse of what is to come.

6.) “Ocean of Love” by Hannah Ford
This title is also a song title on my album, “Radiance”.

7.) “Your Kingdom Come” by Hannah Ford
The Spirit and the bride say “Come.”

8.) “Golden Horizon” by Hannah Ford
“The path of the righteous shines brighter than the noonday sun.” Proverbs 4:18

9.) “Freedom” by Hannah Ford
A true picture of freedom to me is this bird flying. Come ride on the wind of the Spirit in the light of the Son.

10.) “Surfer in Paradise” by Hannah Ford
We ride on the waves God throws our way. Some waves are more challenging, some are exhilarating.  May we always be changed by His presence, walking in the light of His glory.

Surfer in Paradise, (C) by Hannah Ford

11.) “Symphony” by Hannah Ford
God is the conductor of His creation.

12) “Meadow of Blossoms” by Hannah Ford
Blossom in the fullness of life and love .

13.) “Golden Meadows” by Hannah Ford
The streets of heaven are paved with gold, and God reminds us of what is to come by bringing golden meadows here.

14.) “Be Still and Know”
by Hannah Ford
Be still and know that He is God and let His waves of love and peace wash over your life.

15.) “Resting in Him and Prepared to Shine in the Dark”, by Hannah Ford
Enjoy resting in the light of God and be prepared for duty when it calls. The light of the world lives in us and when things are dark, His light in us will be even more evident and He’ll use us to guide people safely to His harbor.

16.) “Stand Tall”, by Hannah Ford
Palm trees may be skinny but they have firm roots and they rise high blowing their palm leaves in the air.
Stand tall for God and worship Him… Hosanna. :

17.) “Larger Under the Surface”, by Hannah Ford
Icebergs are larger under the surface of the water than above it. 90% of their bulk is hidden under water. This makes them stable and less likely to tip. They remind me of how my life should be. I should have a deep character that keeps me upright. God knows the deeper truths and a solid foundation is worth more than bulk above the water. Just like an iceberg, we’ll eventually have to flip over if we don’t have that good base.

Larger Under the Surface copyright (C) Hannah Ford

18.) “Safe Borders”, by Hannah Ford
God doesn’t force us to love Him or to trust Him. Many times people think that following God will create limiting borders around our lives. In reality, the borders that God gives us are freeing us in beauty and life. While the world has great beauty, it also has danger. God’s borders fall in beautiful places. Let Him hold you safely in His arms.



19.) “Traveling Seeds”, by Hannah Ford
We deepen and grow, we produce seeds of hope, we release them to be carried on the wind of His Spirit and planted. We pray those seeds will do the same.


20.) “Well Watered”, by Hannah Ford
Be well watered by the Living Water from Jesus. This is how we grow and thrive.

21.) “Mountain Retreat”, by Hannah Ford
Sometimes we need a quiet place to be alone with God, away from the regular pace and surroundings of our everyday lives. Even Jesus took retreats.
Mountain Retreat, (C) Hannah Ford

22.) “Revival”, by Hannah Ford
I titled this photo after my song called “Revival”. I wrote the song with the theme of 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wrongs, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.”

23.) “Faith Like a Child”, by Hannah Ford
The Bible says it’s  impossible to please God unless we come to Him with faith like a child. Remember how big God is and remember how much He loves you. Nothing is impossible for Him.


24.) “I Found Joy”, by Hannah Ford
May you find joy in every circumstance.


25.) “On A Mission”, by Hannah Ford
We are on a mission. God brings us together to accomplish His purposes and spread the message of His love to the world.


26.) “Walk in the Light”, by Hannah Ford
Even if you’re walking in a dark time and in a dark place, remember that you are surrounded by the presence of God. Ask Him to fill your life with His light and find friends to walk with. 


27.) “Joshua Tree Cross”, by Hannah Ford
This is a Joshua Tree. The names Joshua and Jesus have the same Hebrew name- “Yeshua”. I don’t know why this tree has that name, but I know that Joshua was a man of faith. He had courage to lead his people into the promised land. Jesus had even more courage and his obedience on the cross and resurrection will lead all who believe into the ultimate eternal promised land…heaven.


28.) “Joshua Tree”, by Hannah Ford
The Joshua Tree cross to the right in the photo has been dwarfed by the powerful lit up tree in the middle. O death where is your sting? Jesus is alive.


29.) “Blessed Wilderness”, by Hannah Ford
The blossoms are fading, the air is getting brisk. God will be your warmth. God will make you bloom. God will bless you and lead you always, even in the wilderness seasons of life.


30.) “Soak in the Light”, by Hannah Ford
This is my friend’s peach tree. How beautiful the light is. Growth in our lives will not come without His light flowing into us. Soak it up. Be nourished. Be fruitful and bless many.


31.) “Evening Glory”, by Hannah Ford
The clouds of life paint a more beautiful story.


32. “Song in the Sand”, by Hannah Ford
We do not see the wind but we hear it and we see the effects of the music it makes. The same is true with God. We can’t see Him but we live surrounded by evidence of His power, love, and songs over us.



Proceeds go to help fund this music ministry.
Prices includes shipping and smooth white matting:

4×6 photo in 8×10 matting-$35
8×10 photo in 11×14 matting -$50
12×18 photo in 18×24 matting- $140

“Waves of Glory” CANVAS SALE! Song lyrics written around edges.
Originally $500 for album fundraiser- Now $100 plus shipping!
16×20 and larger printing- contact me for custom prices.

Place your order via email at hfm.management@live.com . Thank you!


  • Jean-Luc Lebrun - August 23, 2017

    Dear Hannah, I met you at the Palomar CCC retreat – and loaned you my Zoom H6 while I am traveling. Unfortunately, I washed the paper on which your email was with the rest of may clothes and it is now totally unreadable!!! Could you email me? Thanks, Jean-Luc
    BTW, I bought and downloaded Personal decree on Amazon. I read that people think it is the best album yet. Can’t wait to listen to it.

  • Sharon Schlotzhauer - January 22, 2017

    Your stunning photography is truly a gift from God. Fabulous!

  • Jason - March 4, 2013


    I had the pleasure of helping you the other day as a tech for your hosting company. I took a look at this page for you, and your photography caught my attention. I bookmarked the site and took a moment on my day off to listen to the music clips to the right.

    Your singing voice is even lovelier than your speaking voice; it is offset by the beauty of your sung expressions of worship. Your relationship with our Father resonates with my own, and your eye for the awesome beauty of creation is only matched by your skill in capturing it with a camera.

    Thank you for providing all of the above to the rest of us, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Your talents have lifted my day. God bless you.

  • Aubrianne scheldt - October 10, 2012

    beautiful pictures breath taking

    • admin - November 16, 2012

      thank you!

  • Phil Adams - September 4, 2012

    Wonerful photos Hannah. May the Lord heap blessings on you.

    • admin - September 21, 2012

      Thank you, Phil!! God bless you!!!


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