“RADIANCE” Album Now Available! Watch promo video

[tubepress video=”tNLfDE8MIB8″]
Album Available HERE:


To buy “Radiance” on Itunes and to hear sample clips, click link below, thank you:

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  • gi dale - May 12, 2011

    I’m so happy that I’ve been led in my spirit to buy your new album. I have to let you know that your music has brought conformations to many scriptures in my daily bible reading.

    Your music is simple with Gods love and has reached the broken areas of my heart. Also healing for those times I have been in need of one. Most of all, I have been able to understand that I CAN WORSHIP GOD IN A RELATIONSHIP.

    Two years now I have given my life back to Christ in purity and your life testimony has inspired me greatly.

    Keep your eyes on Jesus. May God Bring you support in all phases of ministry.