Help a woman with brain cancer…

A woman with brain cancer contacted me through my website. She heard the words “Take a Deep Breath” in her spirit and typed the words into Youtube and saw my music video. She now listens to that song and my “Healing is Flowing” song through every radiation treatment, 5 days a week. She wants to visit her best friend for Christmas. She’s been told she may not live that long, but pray for her healing! You can also donate for her airfare! Thanks! :)


  • Sahidin - December 1, 2015

    My oldest son is named Micah ~ sthaigrt from the Bible. In fact the night I went in to be induced hubby and I had narrowed his name down to either Micah or Malachi. We read both books and decided we liked Micah better. The name so fits!

    • admin - December 12, 2015

      Great names!! Love the name Micah! :) God bless you all!


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