Hello to everyone who reads this!
I just wanted to give everyone a little update about what’s  going on with my new album! Oh my goodness, am I excited about his project! :) I have the most amazing players and producer. Actually, they all shared their time to work on Bethel Music’s upcoming cd and my upcoming cd, so the quality is really up there and I’m so thankful for the songs that God gave me. The people he brought to work on this project are adding so much! I’m hoping for the CD to be done by spring, but it may be by summer. It just depends. I’m going to try to do a KICKSTARTER fundraiser to finish paying off the album. I’ll give incentives with my music, photography, house concerts, etc, too. So stay tuned to see how you can be a part of helping me “KICK OFF” this album into existence and into many hearts that need to be encouraged, to have hope, and to keep on worshiping our AWESOME God! :)
Bless you!
hannah :)

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