Conference with Darren Wilson, Philip Mantofa, and JP Moreland, etc!

I recently returned from and awesome time in Greenlake, WI. I led morning worship at the annual Holy Spirit Renewal Conference. It’s so beautiful there and God moves in really awesome ways. It’s also really fun to meet such amazing speakers and hang out with them. Darren Wilson, producer of “The Finger of God,” “Furious Love,” and “Father of Lights.” I would love for him to use my music in his future projects. Also,Philip Mantofa,was there. He’s a super cool revivalist in Indonesia. It was actually really special to me to be able to sing my song “Mercy” for him and his friend. It’s on my “Fervency” album and I wrote it right after the massive tsunami happened in Indonesia. The song is a prayer for their salvation, not just physically, but spiritually. A radio company played the unfinished version of the song all over Indonesia. (I also used the song for Japan after their tsunami and made a slideshow with the song.) How cool it was to hear them say that my prayer had been coming true! Maybe that’s why Philip gave my Lindt truffles and my husband Pringles! Haha! :) For more pictures CLICK HERE:

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