Tragedies and Hope

Last week a small plane crashed killing 4 young men, and leaving one survivor, Hannah Luce. One of the young men, Austin, saved her from the fires and died himself soon-after. The five of them were on their way to a Teen Mania meeting. I have worked alongside Teen Mania in Baja, Mexico several times. Hannah’s dad, Ron Luce, is the founder of the ministry. Recently my father almost died, but is now fine. Yay!  :) My uncle almost died last week, but is fine. Yay! I have other friends battling cancer.  I am struck by the brevity and uncertainty of life. Keith Green, my biggest musical influence, died in his early 30s, in a small plane crash. There is no explanation for some of these tragedies. We will wait for heaven for answers.. But while we are here on Earth, let’s make our lives count. Let our lives count so much, that even after we’re gone the legacy we left will still impact generations to come. Heaven will be wonderful and far beyond the greatest things we can imagine, but we are here for such a time as this, as Mordecai told Esther. Keep shining. Keep the faith!  (If you don’t know Jesus, please visit my Prayer Garden page to find out how you can be assured of life in heaven with God for eternity.)  “Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

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