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K-PRAISE RADIO Christmas Improv by Hannah Ford

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I always love being a guest on The Come Together San Diego show. Caz Taylor always stretches me to come up with things on the spot and it’s fun to see what God gives me to sing. I like this clip because it reminds me of the great love and grace of Jesus for all. He was born to die to free us and draw us to respond to His love. His forgiveness and free gift of eternal life isn’t based on our performance but in our belief and acceptance of Him. Yes, we should live good lives and be like Jesus! But our salvation is found through coming to Him. ‘I’m not Santa Clause, it doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice. I paid the price.” (C) 2109 Hannah Ford, KPRZ LIVE - 1210am San Diego, 106.1fm North County

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