“Don’t Give Up” testimony

I’m so humbled and grateful that God would use my song in such a profound way in someone’s life. I knew I was supposed to release “Don’t Give Up” before the rest of the album. This girl is literally marked by the message, and though I’m not a tattoo girl, I’m marked in my heart. She placed this tattoo in a place that is common for people to self-destruct and it reminds me that HOPE triumphs over despair, and LIFE triumphs over death. One song written for a suicidal friend was meant for many more people. As an artist, I’m encouraged to continue in the calling that God has given me. There is a great purpose beyond what I can always see and one life changed is worth it all. This girl is amazing and the ripple effect of God’s goodness in her life will spread wide.

“My tattoo! This really means a lot to me. Up until last year I was struggling with depression and really wanted to die. Then I went to Greenlake and Hannah Ford D’Alessandro played her song “Don’t Give Up.” And It encouraged me to get help. That week, I got a lot of prayer and by the end of the week I felt completely free. I wanted this tattoo to be a constant reminder of what God has done in my life. So, whenever I feel discouraged I can just look down at my wrist and be reminded not to give up.”

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Happy 4th of July!

Thank you to all who serve for our freedom! Happy Birthday USA!

Green Lake, Wisconsin

I just got back from ministering in Green Lake, Wisconsin at the annual Holy Spirit Renewal Conference. It was an awesome time! Menu
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Green Lake, HSRM Conference

I had a great time at the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Some highlights for me- first time leading worship at a lakeside baptism while kayaking, leading worship with Jonathan Standifer, being with sweet friends, and mostly being with God!

Happy Father’s Day God!

Orlando… I’m praying for you!

My heart is so grieved. I pray for strong and powerful, loving arms of God to hold you, comfort you, and heal your hearts. We all hold this in common- we were created by God and we are infinitely loved by God. Our love and prayers are with you.

“Revival” lyric video, by Hannah Ford

Chord chart download available here:
I wrote this song based off of 2 Chronicles 7:14. “Revival” starts in our own individual hearts. The word means to “live again”, and it is my prayer that as we humble ourselves before God, He will fill us up with to overflowing with His amazing love, strength, and purpose. May our love for God be so strong that there is no rival strong enough to compete. May our hearts be filled with His love for the world and may our lives shine and bring others to an awakening of how awesome God is.

Revival © Hannah Ford
ASCAP, CCLI #7040313

Happy doing what I’m created to do…

My husband sent me a collage he made from Sunday am at Horizon Park Chapel. I’m thankful for God’s grace to lead on guitar with a hurt thumb and I’m thankful for a great sound team and great message on Revelation 19.