So fun- dinner concert at Calvary Chapel San Clemente!

hannah ford, holland davis calvary chapel san clemente
Thanks Holland and Roxie Davis for having me come out! What an awesome time! :)

“Jesus, Hold the Children”, prayer song video

“Jesus, Hold the Children”, written by Hannah Ford © ASCAP, CCLI 7040320, Fervency Album (Lyrics Below)

I pray that my song inspires you to pray for the children around the world! Please share it. Also, I hope you realize, no matter how old you are, you are still young compared to God. Count yourself as a child and take this song for yourself, as well. 1 John 3:1- See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God…”

Lyrics to “Jesus, Hold the Children”:

Jesus, Hold the children of the world close to you
Hold their heads high, and hold their hands tight
Let them see the joy upon your face, your love for them
that won’t ever erase
Lead them to your grace

And may you be their strength to make it through this world
And may your love sustain and carry them through all of their days
Jesus, hold the children close to you

Jesus, hold the children of the world close to you
Protect and heal, provide and stand beside
Give them laughter for their pain
Give them holiness for the stain this world has tried
so hard to leave upon them

And may you be their strength to make it through this world
And may your love sustain and carry them through all of their days
Jesus, hold the children close to you

Be their shepherd, be their guide through all their days and nights
Jesus, hold the children close to you
I pray Jesus, hold the children close to you
Production and percussion by MD Thompson.
Guitars by Michael Angel Alvarado
Guitar studio engineering by Jonas Aras

“Fin and Feather” Dinner & Concert

Thank you to Pastor Holland Davis, for having me out to do a concert at his church! I’m looking forward to this- bring some food to share and enjoy a free concert and great fellowship at Calvary Chapel San Clemente.

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here…

I was given some footage of when I got to be a guest worship leader at my parent’s church in Ventura (Dr. Clay and Cheryl Ford, Coastline Bible Church.) It was such a BLESSING to minister with them again! And it was so good to meet new people, including their awesome worship team. :) Holy Spirit, you are welcome here, come fill this place and fill the atmosphere…(song by Bryan and Katie Torwalt.)

Thank you, God, for using this song! :)

Oh my goodness…wow!! I’m so humbled and grateful that God would use my song in this way. Someone just sent me the message below. Share the song- I hope it encourages many more!…

“Hannah I just wanted to thank you for writing that song. I was going through a very dark. In the beginning of the summer. It was so dark and the spiritual warfare was so heavy I didn’t think I could take another breath. A friend of mine took me to her house and put me in her bedroom. She turned on the song “don’t give up” I just cried and cried and cried as I felt the scales of sorrow and despair Fall Away. I spent hours in that room listening to the song over and over and over again. I had absolutely no idea that it was you. I was absolutely floored. I’m telling you the Holy Spirit through your song came into that room and healed me. Your voice is an instrument. A powerful weapon of warfare. I cannot believe I cannot believe how God is so beautiful and wonderful. I felt so connected to the girl singing the song. I’m saying the words over and over again. I didn’t recognize your last name at first and then I started crying even harder when I saw that it was you. Thank you Jesus for Hannah and for her beautiful words. Whenever I feel that twinge of Darkness try to enter I put on your song. What a beautiful testimony to my life. God just works in such mysterious ways.”

“OFFERING”- Brand New Worship Single

Offering YouTube page
I wrote “Offering” on a house building trip in an earthquake stricken town in Mexico. Later, I was able to record this simple song with producer Gabriel Wilson and the Bethel Music Production team. I hope it brings you to worship Jesus. He came from the riches of heaven to the slums of humanity to extend His love. He died for us so we can live in freedom forever. Stay tuned for my full album release coming soon!

Download Chord Chart: Download

“Offering”- © by Hannah Ford- ASCAP, CCLI, Jewel Coast Music
You have loved me, now I love you
You have served me, now I serve you
You poured out your life, now I pour out mine
I am free in you forever

So I worship you, you gave all for me
I give all for you as an offering
And I lift my hands, yours were pierced for me
Now redeemed I stand as an offering

Jesus, receive my love
Jesus, receive my love
As I have received your love
Jesus, receive my love

Coastine Bible Church- fun weekend!

I had an awesome weekend in Ventura- I got to lead worship with a great band at the church my dad pastors- Coastine Bible Church, I heard an awesome sermon he gave, and we celebrated his birthday with family and friends! Now I’m taking the train home and seeing some nice views.????