New Website Coming Soon…

I’m currently working on building a new website that will replace this one soon. It will be mobile friendly and hopefully easier for people to read on any device. Stay tuned! I’m not the biggest tech in the world but it’s gonna happen! :)

Music video in my grandma’s dress…

Playing guitar in paradise… wearing my grandma’s dress under her favorite kind of tree. Maybe God will let her see my music video in heaven. ūüėä

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 11.17.36 PM


New album coming soon!

(This was filmed a month and a half ago but I’m sharing it now.) My next album truly is almost here and I’m so excited about how God will use it in people’s lives! It has taken longer than planned, but my album is just like the California drought… the rain came and resulted in a superbloom! Please stay tuned and pray! Thanks so much!

Synced Culture- Live Facebook Streaming

Yesterday¬†I hosted Worship Wednesdays¬†livestream from San Diego, California. Go to the Synced Culture Facebook page to watch my video of a devotional and new¬†song that I wrote called “At Your Feet”.¬†#syncedculture#weareone
Hannah Ford Synced Culture

Melody and Keith Green… an ongoing ripple effect.

I was honored to see Melody Green tonight! She remembered me and reminded me of how she encouraged me with music when I was just feeling a call to it at 17 yrs old. Melody and Keith Green’s music has influenced my life more than anyone’s. I remember telling God that I didn’t want to sing in front of people at all unless he used my songs to impact lives like Keith’s impacted mine. So all of these years and countries later, along a tough but rewarding road, she prayed for my 4th album I’m getting ready to release. Such an honor to have it prayed over by such a great woman!. #blessed#thankful #melodygreen #keithgreen #rushingwind

Melody Green Hannah Ford

How Great is Our God…

I just found this picture I took from a month or so ago with Jesse Reeves. He’s written a lot of songs that I love to sing and lead- “How Great is Our God”, “Lord, I Need You”, “Our God”, and many more. He prayed for my album I’m getting ready to release and I’m really grateful. He also compared me to Hannah in the Bible having a son, Samuel, and dedicating him to God. He didn’t realize that God has always spoken to me to do this with my music like Hannah did with Samuel. :)

Jesse Reeves and Hannah Ford

Girls and Guitars

I had a great morning yesterday as the guest instructor for The Rock Church Girls and Guitars group. God bless us all as we move forward in our gifts to bring Him glory! ‚̧