How Great is Our God…

I just found this picture I took from a month or so ago with Jesse Reeves. He’s written a lot of songs that I love to sing and lead- “How Great is Our God”, “Lord, I Need You”, “Our God”, and many more. He prayed for my album I’m getting ready to release and I’m really grateful. He also compared me to Hannah in the Bible having a son, Samuel, and dedicating him to God. He didn’t realize that God has always spoken to me to do this with my music like Hannah did with Samuel. :)

Jesse Reeves and Hannah Ford

Girls and Guitars

I had a great morning yesterday as the guest instructor for The Rock Church Girls and Guitars group. God bless us all as we move forward in our gifts to bring Him glory! ❤

Pray for our world!

This is my substitute teaching outfit today. I often wear things with meaning. Today- hearts with a map of the world. Let’s all pray! Our world needs it!

“Daughters of the King” event in Ventura- awesome time!

I had a great time leading worship and ministering for the weekend with family at Coastline Bible Church! I’m so thankful to be a daughter of the King of the Universe. He is so wonderful! :)

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So cool! Coastline Bible Church sent people to Haiti to help with the great needs there. I got to go in a little way- they gave 100 of my albums to people. I pray that even though I’m not singing in their language, that God moves through the music and refreshes them and moves them into deep relationship with Him! He loves us all sooooo much! #honored #thankful #haiti

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Last night was so exciting! My husband and I drove through a rainstorm to hear how Mark Suhonen “enhanced” one of my songs. He’s never worked with my music before but God “orchestrated” this. My first words after listening – “WOW” and phenomenal! Please check out my crowdfunding page for project hopes and needs and prizes:…/hannah-ford-music-project. The song we heard last night is called “Waves of Glory” and I have artwork that goes with the song as one of the incentives. Thanks! 😊🙏🎶💦🌊🎆🎇👍🏼 (PS- I just found out that I can offer tax deductions for giving through a friend’s music ministry 501c3- private message me if you are interested. Thanks!)