Horizon Park Chapel worship

Harbor Church Christmas Eve

I’m leading worship for a special candlelight Christmas Eve service with Harbor Church in Pacific Beach. The candles remind me of the stars and angels that filled the sky the night the Light of the World was born. And they remind me of birthday candles for Jesus. Come one, come all to celebrate Him and bring a friend.

Keep your vision clear in 2016!

Mary, Did You Know

I forgot that I had this on YouTube until Jordan Smith sang it on The Voice tv show. He blew it away! Here’s my “girl with a guitar” version- sound is just from a little point and shoot camera but the message is still powerfully the same- Jesus is the Healer, the Great I Am… God became a baby to bridge a gap so we could know Him and be free forever.

“Precious Child” Christmas song…

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Here is my Christmas song, “Precious Child”. There are 2 mixes- a California mix and a Nashville mix, both produced by Gabriel Wilson and the Bethel Music production team. There are two versions because I had the song remixed in Nashville. Please write a review for the song (all the reviews were lost), download it, and use the song to worship Jesus this Christmas! It is His birthday celebration, you know! :)
Download Song Here
Click Here to hear full song and download chord chart:

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Precious Child © by Hannah Ford
Jewel Coast Music 2015, CCLI # 7040315

It’s a night divine, angels fill the sky
Singing glory in the highest, with one star shining brightest
For You’ve been born, a miracle of peace
I know this night was meant for me, and for eternity
As I see you lay in a humble bed of hay
I make room in my heart for You to stay

So reign on high, Precious Child
Beloved Son of God was born to die for me
I bow my knee and worship You, my King
Of all the gifts that I could lay before Your feet…I’m bringing me

Perfect and pure, you came to give us life
So tender and kind with love that fills your eyes
Gift from heaven, someday you will rise
On a cross, and then from death to free us for all time
As I see you lay in a humble bed of hay
I make room in my heart for You to stay

The wise will leave everything
To worship the King of Kings
To bring you gifts and to adore
So I’ll give my best to You, Lord
I’m bringing me


Effective Caroling Video!

I got to be in a caroling training video made by Spirit Man. Click here to find out more info about the whole package. It’s a wonderful way to get people from churches to team build and effectively reach out to others through caroling! The world needs the hope and love of Jesus and that’s what Christmas is about! I haven’t watched the whole video yet and I’m wondering if my crazy vocal warm ups were edited out or kept. haha! :) https://spiritman.worldsecuresystems.com/effective-caroling-by-spirit-man.html


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I had a happy birthday w/ yummy freebie goodies. :) Thanks to the local San Diego businesses!