God sees you and loves you! Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️  

Happy January!



Thank you Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the example and strength that you were for a better America! #mlk #mlkday 


Psalm 23

After the San Diego storms… Psalm 23 rest by the waters and birdies. Refreshed soul. :)

“Radiant God” LYRIC VIDEO

Years ago, when I lived in Pasadena, I prayed to God that I could live near the beach again. I told Him that if I ever could, I would thank Him every day for it. I would look at the beautiful sunsets on the water and I would appreciate Him for it. I would find a way to bring Him glory for it. Years later, here I am with a song, “Radiant God” that I wrote when inspired by a beach sunset. When I saw a gorgeous sunset last month I knew I needed to video it to be the backdrop to these lyrics and video. Be blessed by it and worship our wonderful and beautiful God- He is so awesome!

If you’re interested in learning and singing it, you can download the CHORD SHEET here: Chord Chart Page

(Song also available on iTunes or on my “Radiance” album.
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