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Spotlight on Hannah Ford, Psalmist
by Caz Taylor

Local songwriter and singer Hannah Ford has had a plaque on her wall since age eight. It quotes Philippians 4:13, saying “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.” She’s been putting that verse to good use ever since.

Now working on her third CD entitled Radiant God, Ford graduated from Humboldt, the northernmost California State University, as well as Bethel School of Ministry with an emphasis on worship and evangelism. She taught in the public school system for a number of years and has pursued missionary endeavors in 20 countries, including Russia, Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Mexico, Philippines, El Salvador and throughout Europe. She left CDs of her music all along the way. Hannah calls them her “Seed Ds.” You’ll also find her ministering in churches, schools, prisons, clubs and on street corners. Ford’s overriding heart cries are to see believers fall more and more in love with Jesus and live for Him with passion, to encourage unity in the Body of Christ, as well as to see people saved and set free throughout her spheres of influence. The tools of her trade are most often music and evangelism. “I am a person who loves to see unity in the body of Christ,” said Hannah. “For too long I have observed different ‘cliques’ in the Body of Christ, not working or worshiping together. It’s refreshing to see God starting to bring us together more and more in His love and purpose.”

As a “Preacher’s Kid” (her father, Clay Ford, pastors La Jolla Christian Fellowship) and part of a ministry family, Hannah understands the diversity within the church environment. “Some claim to have more of the Spirit. Some claim to have more of the Word. But for all of eternity we will be blessed to worship God together and we will worship in spirit and in truth.” She sees music and evangelism as a joint effort. ”If Jesus says to pray, ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven,’ then we should definitely be operating as a solid unit while here on earth,” observed Hannah, adding, “We have been given such a huge mission to reach the world with His love, and worship is where it all starts.”

Ford’s life experiences have taught her the difference in merely proclaiming God and living out the godly lifestyle. To her, this variance is at the root of being the Church versus going through the motions. “God wants our hearts with Him totally. He cries out for a bride that will truly love Him, that will truly worship Him as He deserves.” With such heartfelt revelation, Hannah has dedicated her life to fulfill His mission. “His mission is to reach the world. He came that all may be saved and come into His arms. God needs a church that is purified and so in love with Him that they will bring the harvest in.”

Hannah offers an interesting perspective on worship, identifying it less as an activity and more of a lifestyle. “I think that God is going to be challenging individuals more on living their lives as worship to Him. It has never been about whether or not you’re getting your worship time in for the week by going to church and singing the latest and most popular worship songs. I have always loved Matt Redman’s song, ‘The Heart of Worship’ because he wrote this song at a time when he saw that many of the attendees of his church were worshiping the worship music more than God Himself. God is looking for pure hearts of worship. He is looking for consecrated lives.”

The lyrics of Hannah Ford’s songs illustrate her passion for worship and evangelism. People are taking notice. In 2003, she was voted 1 out of 2,300 artists and was given the “The Fresh New Artist of the Year Award” by listeners of KKLA and The Fish 95.9 FM in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. She has opened for artists such as Toby Mac and other renowned musicians. Hannah Ford’s songs, “Use Me,” as well as others, are receiving national and international airplay. God is answer her plea, and “Use Her,” He is. “I want to do my part to make Jesus famous in all the earth, as He deserves,” declared Hannah.

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