Contact & Booking

Contact & Booking

Hannah Ford is available for bookings of concerts, worship leading, and speaking. Her ministry expands throughout many ages, cultures, and types of ministries.

To book Hannah, or for any other inquiries, email and included detailed information. Thanks!


  • Garris Elkins - June 15, 2011

    Hello Hannah,

    I hope I am connecting with the correct person to extend a thank you. I just wrote a book that was released where I cited the Disneyland healing outbreak that you posted on Youtube – in fact, chapter 12 of my book, “The Power of Agreement in Prayer”, begins by telling the story of that remarkable event. If this is you, I thought you might be blessed to know that the Youtube video is still blessing people, but now in print. I have included an Amazon link to the book below where it is in paperback and Kindle format. It is also available at Barnes and Noble in print and as a Nook. You might be able to read that chapter on a courtesy read via Nook.

    Many blessings to you,

    Garris Elkins

    • admin - June 15, 2011

      Hi Garris,
      That’s great! Congratulations on the book. I’m so thankful that God is still moving through the testimony of what He did that day at Disneyland. I’m still amazed. God bless you!