Every Saturday– 2:30-3:30 Music therapy /Concert & Worship Hour at the alzheimer’s center, La Jolla, CA
Some Tuesdays– The Rock Church LIFE-group worship, San Diego, CA
(I’m available for worship leading, concerts and speaking.)


June 18–  The Mission Church, Poway, CA- Kickoff Sunday! 10am

June 20-21– The Mission Church- Ivan Tait Special Guest meetings, 6pm

June 24- 30- Green Lake, Wisconsin. Holy Spirit Renewal Conference. Worship leading and special album PRE-RELEASE Concert!!!

July 9- The Mission Church, Poway, CA

July 15– Rock Church Point Loma prayer and worship – 9am

July 23- The Mission Church, Poway, CA

August 6– Cornerstone Christian Church, Vista, CA

August 15– KSON 97.3fm Radio- San Diego’s #1 Country station- 6:15am “The John and Tammy Show”

August 17– The Rock Church, City Heights- ministry school worship

August 27– Bedford Baptist Church, Bedford, Virginia

September 2– The Rock Church Point Loma Prayer Meeting- 9am worship

September 3- The Mission Church, Poway, CA

September 9- Cornerstone Christian Church, Vista, CA- Saturday night service 6pm

September 11– Rock School Academy, teacher’s worship time

September 14– Rock women’s “Shine”

September 16- Rock Church Point Loma, Prayer Meeting worship 9am

September 18– Rock School of Ministry

September 20– Rock Church Point Loma- Sisters Class- worship, 6pm

September 23– Army Rising San Diego- Downtown San Diego 8-9am slot

September 25– Rock School of Ministry

September 30– SD Live- Benefit Concert

October 6-9- Awaken the Dawn- Washington DC, National Mall- one of the California state worship leaders

October 20-22– La Jolla Presbyterian Women’s Retreat- worship leader and artist

October 25– The Rock Church Point Loma- Sisters Class- worship, 6pm

NOVEMBER 3– “Personal Decree” Album Release Party Concert! – The Rock Church, Point Loma, 6:30 pm, “The Outlet”

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