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(Good news!- I am now able to offer tax deductions for your giving if you would rather receive that than go through this crowdfunding campaign. Please contact me via my website if you are interested and I will give instructions. Thanks! )

Hello! I’m Hannah Ford, a singer-songwriter, worship leader, and artist from San Diego, CA. I’m working on an exciting project to bless the world through music and videos! I intend to release my 4th album soon! God gave me this dream of making an album to encourage people to trust and praise Him in every circumstance. Life is full of hardships, and things just seem to get more intense in this world. I believe the songs on this next album will move people into greater confidence in their identity, hope, victory, peace, and worship.

Gratitude: I am so grateful to God for His leading, inspiration, and anointing for this project. I am also so grateful to those who have already prayed and invested in this album. It has been an amazing journey! During this period, I have collaborated with world class musicians (Bethel Music and Capitol Records production), added songs to the project (13 total), added a 12 page art and lyric booklet insert, begun work on a book to complement the album, and started my own record label – Jewel Coast Music!

Challenges: Each of my albums has had its hurdles, and this project is no exception! I have labored long and hard over the songwriting and production process and have pushed through many temptations to settle for less. I want each song to be ALL that God wants it to be! We’re getting there, and the end is in sight! It’s for His purpose and glory, and His timing is perfect (Romans 8:28)!

The Need: The album still needs more production work and mixing to get it where it should be. The messages of the songs are so important and good music is what gets the message listened to over and over to where it soaks in. Also, the album needs to be mastered and manufactured. I have already released a couple of finished songs as digital singles (“Don’t Give Up,” “Offering”) with a great response. When the album is ready, however, I want to promote it with some music videos. While this means additional expense, the music and video together will be a powerful duo.

Perseverance: I’ve learned that everything God calls me to do is worth the effort. At some of my most discouraging times in music ministry, when I’ve wanted to give up and go sell muffins, I have heard from listeners who told me stories of my music helping them through their hard times. From a suicidal American teen to a needy Syrian refugee, they have given me great encouragement to press on in faith and obedience.

Missionary Purpose: I was a teenager when God impressed my heart with being a missionary. By His grace, He has enabled me to sing my songs in more than 20 countries. So far, my missions experience has only been short-term. I’ve remained a California girl with an international heart. While He hasn’t called me to travel everywhere physically, my songs and videos can travel the world via the Internet. Also, my CDs can find their way around the world. This very week, a team left for Haiti with 100 of my CDs dedicated to that impoverished country’s spiritual enrichment. I pray God uses them greatly! Wherever I am- in churches or prisons, on the street or on a stage, in a school or a nursing homes, my goal is the same- to connect people with their Creator who so desperately loves them.

In Summary: I am raising money for: •The completion of a high quality, awesome 4th album and music videos. • If there is extra money, I can accomplish more. I will put it towards manufacturing the companion book, additional music videos for YouTube, and producing my 5th album (which is also on my radar)!

Last But Not Least (and lots of fun): I have worked out some fun incentives/prizes using my original photography artwork, music, shirts, and hats. I hope they will inspire you to join me in investing in the enrichment of multitudes of hearts and souls through this endeavor. I pray, also, that your investment – however great or small — will be multiplied back to you many times!

INCENTIVES: When you donate, please specify in the “message box” which incentive(s) you are donating for. Then email that information again, plus your shipping address to:


(Shipping Included in the USA.)

(See photos below:)


$10- New Album- digital tracks

$20- New Album, includes artwork booklet, signed w/ personal message

$50- Album Bundle- New Album, plus other three albums signed, and digital “Precious Child” Christmas single

Original Nature Photography:

(My “Waves of Glory” photo is named after a song that will be on this upcoming album release so it is very special. However, except for the canvas prints, you may choose to have any of my photos if you prefer. Go to Hannah’s Nature Photography page and specify if you would like another photo.)

$35- Small-4×6 “Waves of Glory” photo in 8×10 matte board

$50- Large- 8 x10 “Waves of Glory” photo, named after a song on the upcoming album, in 11×14 matte board

$400- “Waves of Glory” exclusive 16×20 canvas with handwritten song lyrics on edges

Jewel Coast Music Wear:

(Specify color and size of shirt needed)

T-shirts- $30 (Black, White)

Hats-$30 (Black, Red, Pink, Green)


$100- all 4 albums signed, plus small photo in matte board, plus t-shirt

$200- all 4 albums signed, plus large photo in matte board, plus t-shirt, plus hat


$1000- concert for home, party, church, event. I can also lead worship or do a combination of worship and a concert. (Transportation and lodging not included, if applicable)


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