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Creating Albums With My Creator

Many years ago I felt like God told me that I was going to make an album. I had songs that I had written that God was using in people’s lives already, but I didn’t feel very capable or qualified to make an album. Still, it was something that I knew God called me to do.  I remember opening up to the passage in scripture where the angel, Gabriel, told Mary that she was going to give birth to the Son of God. She pondered Gabriel’s words within her heart, even though it was hard to believe. In the same way, I pondered God’s words within my heart, knowing that no matter how small I am, nothing is impossible with Him. The Creator of the whole universe and of me could most certainly help me create an album. If I were willing, His Spirit would move within me to help make a project that I would birth to touch many lives around the world with His love. I moved forward in this creation process, and through a lot of labor pains, my “Beautiful Love” album was born.

Several years later I was led by God to make a second album. One day I was driving down to Mexico to serve on a mission trip there. My album was almost finished and  I was listening to the final mixes as I drove. I was ready to approve it all… until I heard what sounded like a frog on one of my songs. I was really torn because I didn’t want to bother my producer and at the same time, it really did sound weird to me. I asked God if I were being too picky. He responded, “Hannah, this is your baby, and no one cares about it as much as you. Get it done right and then present it back to me as your worship, as Hannah did with her son, Samuel, in the Bible.” I made up my mind to obey, but I still had a question for God. “Jesus- when am I going to have a real baby? My brother has great kids and they’re probably going to go out and change the world.” He responded to me, “Hannah, don’t despise what I’ve given you. Just like Hannah in the Bible’s son, Samuel, was a prophet to the nations bringing people to me, so will your music bring people to my love and truth throughout the nations.” All I could do was humbly thank God for the beautiful gift of song He had given me. The next morning I emailed my producer about what I wanted fixed, and through a lot of labor pains, my “Fervency” album was born. God kept breathing songs into me and a few years later, my “Radiance” album was born.

I’m recently married, and though I don’t have any biological children yet, God still speaks to me about how He created these “children” with me. All of them have been so fulfilling and God has used all of them to bring people to Him. Things didn’t come easy. Yes, I wrote some songs in an hour but mostly, I worked really hard on them for a while. It’s also been tough financially for me to continue in this ministry, but God has continued to be faithful to provide for me as I step out in faith and obedience.  My biggest form of pay has been the testimonies of lives being changed. This fruit is worth more than anything to me and to God and it has been my ongoing encouragement to keep on going.

Through the years God has proven His word to me about my music being like a prophet to the nations. God has opened doors for me to travel and I’ve been able to give thousands of my “Samuel” albums throughout Israel and Palestine, Morocco, Russia, the Philippines, El Salvador, Europe, and other countries. In some countries Bibles aren’t allowed, but my music is, and I’ve been able to give it away with lyrics in the jackets so English language learners can more easily grab a hold of what I’m singing about. Last month, I sent cds to Haiti and India with friends who were going to do missions there. I’ve been able to send them via email to Syria to bring hope to those in despair because of the crisis they’re experiencing there. I’ve been able to make slideshows with photos and my music that generate prayer for countries who desperately need it. The Spirit of God rides upon the music, breaking through language barriers, calling people into His arms, and freeing them in His love. It has been the most fulfilling journey I could imagine.

I am currently working on my fourth album. God has helped me write many songs that I know will change lives. My husband went with me to record the first part of it. He was the perfect “Joseph” for me as I am “pregnant” with these songs that I’ll soon deliver. Funny enough, my producer’s name is Gabriel, even though he’s much more than just a messenger for this project. My sponsors have provided the studio/stable for me to deliver this work. I’m sure that angels fill the studio as we create, arrange, and play the music. I experience the enemy doing all he can to stop the work, but I know how the story goes. His work will be accomplished and He will be glorified through this project.

In closing, I ask you to reflect on what God is calling you to create with Him. Maybe it’s a ministry, a business, or a song or painting. Whatever it is, enjoy the process and enjoy God’s presence being with you as you create. The Creator of all lives inside of you and will help you create something that totally glorifies Him! May heaven downpour creativity, resilience, determination, and peace over your life as you follow after Him!

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