Hannah Ford | Fervency | 2008


“Fervency” is an album of fire, passion, courage, and prayers for the individual and the world. The album also touches on purity and saying no to temptation, stepping forth in all that God has for us, and it even has a humorous song of prayer she wrote on the freeway. There is also a spanish song she wrote called “Tomame” which was later translated into the English version, “Take Me.” This album was made to stir the hearts of God’s people to be more in love with Him and to allow God to fully use us to bring the world to worship Him. “Fervency” received international radio play and received 4 out of 5 stars at CM Central.

Lyrics for Fervency CD

1. Fire in My Bones

2. Use Me
3. Take a Deep Breath
4. Do Me the Favor
5. Take Me
6. Free
7. You’ve Won This Fight
8. Falling in Your Love
9. Mercy
10. Jesus Hold the Children
11. Roller Coaster Queen
12. Traffic
13. Your Love, Your Blood
14. Tomame
15. Volcano Song (Hidden track that plays 1 minute after Tomame ends on track 14.)

Produced and Mixed by MD Thompson
for Ivory Tower Realizations

All Words and Music by Hannah Ford,
Except “Roller Coaster Queen” Words and music by Hannah Ford and Joe Garcia
Additional arrangement work: MD Thompson, Jonas Aras
Background vocals: Hannah Ford, Joe Garcia
Guitars: Hannah Ford, Joe Garcia (Roller Coaster Queen), Jonathan Berry (Free), Michael Angel (Jesus, Hold the Children), MD Thompson
Bass: MD Thompson
Accordion: Jonas Aras
Drums: Steve Allison, Chris McHugh (Mercy)
Percussion: Eric Darken
Violin: Michelle Suh
B-3: Lars Nightengale
Photography: Shaun Alexander Photography
Design: Jon Sparrman (cover only)