Our Story: Told by Gino

Once upon a time an Italian prince was born. He was raised in the hills of Michigan. As he grew through the years with a loving family he stepped out in life without wisdom by his side. He moved away into an unknown land and entered into matrimony with a woman who already had a young child. Later on he had a child of his own with her. Though he had a good heart, he lived for himself and others, but not fully for God. Years later he realized this woman welcomed death into her life and home by seeking other men. Finally, she entered into a major affair with their church’s pastor. As their union dissolved, this crushed the prince’s heart and he fled back to his mom in the Michigan hillside. Devastated, he cried out to God, spent time with family, and ate lots of good food.

The prince, who once was strong on his own, decreased to the size of a frog. He actually never really lived in his true royalty, and this hardship forced him to cling with all His might to His King Jesus. He never understood the love of his Father God until now. The frog-like prince, now owning nothing– no car, phone, or job, money all stripped away, was brought to San Diego, California by caring siblings. He depended on God, now as a free and single man, in hopes of healing and finding a launching lily pad for a new beginning.

Around that same time there was a darling fair princess who moved to the same small village in San Diego, California. She had just completed training in the Kingdom work of God at a ministry school. Her father was a Dr. and pastor in the Kingdom ministry of God. Her mother was an author of many books to help equip all people of the kingdom to be strong for battle. The princess was raised in dignity to know who she was as royalty born unto the family of King Jesus. She never thought to leave the protection and safety of her God. Arrayed in beauty, she was sought after by men for many, many years. Though this was not common, she fought with passion to save her precious gift of purity for God and for a prince who she believed God had chosen for her and was out there somewhere.

As the Italian frog began to make friends in the new village, he met many people with deep wisdom. He hopped his way into a job at a local yogurt shop to make ends meet. He was humbled to work at such a small job with small tasks, but he did his best and worked his hardest as unto God and sang his tears away.  As the prince’s new lord of the yogurt shop saw the brokenness of this young man, he prayed for him and without knowing the hardships the frog-like prince was conquering, he helped equip and strengthen and train him. During this time King Jesus began to transform him from a frog-likeness into a prince-likeness that he had never yet become.

One day after a Kingdom prayer gathering, the princess, happy to explore unfamiliar places in her new village, brought her parents to the yogurt shop. The owner, a nice, wise Korean man, became an instant friend of the family, bonded by the love of the King. The princess invited the young prince to one of the Kingdom gatherings, not knowing that he would actually show up. Not only did he show up, but he came an hour early because he forgot about daylight savings time. The princess, in the middle of leading a band rehearsal, shouted across the room, “Hey, it’s the yogurt guy . . . You came!” That day the Spirit of the King touched that young prince as he heard her sing. As God’s Spirit rested on the melody coming from her voice, his eyes were opened and his ribs shook within him. He knew who the princess was but he remained mysterious to her. Meanwhile, the King was waking the princess up in the middle of the night in her chambers to pray for this young yogurt prince she did not know or understand.

They both continued gathering with the Kingdom believers in that village fellowship and they grew in friendship with each other and others. He knew he had to tell her of his life as a frog. He was ashamed, embarrassed, and afraid. He feared rejection if he told her of his pain and former mistakes. On his birthday she gave him her music cd as a gift and her music inspired him to be bold and to step out with faith in honesty and forthrightness. As the princess listened to his story she was deeply moved with compassion. Yet she had to fight her own fears of what the King might be orchestrating. She always dreamed of a prince who would fight to win her and she wasn’t sure if this friendship was meant to be more.

During this time God began an intense change. He withdrew the prince’s broken heart and gave him a new one, fresh and huge. His old heart, the size of San Diego’s city limits, had been replaced with one that held the entire state of California. He began to grow strong with his sword, the Word of God. God purified him and made him new. The princess would watch him and wonder if this could be the prince that God was preparing for her. She wondered if it could be possible that God had been saving her for him. How? Why? So many questions she wondered. How? Why? He wondered the same questions. Could it be? Such different paths in life, yet the paths seemed to be converging in the hands of Jesus.

Throughout the village, throughout the Kingdom, joy began to grow. The young prince spoke to the trees and the plants of a glorious day coming. He said, “Watch… all will see. I will be the one fighting to take the princess’ hand as a royal young man.” Prince he was. He fought off all that came against him to keep him from her hand and beauty in his life. They submitted their lives to the authority of the King. They laid it all down not knowing what would be ahead of them. Yet God picked them up and brought them together in His love.

The people of the village began to witness and see the love of God stirring, and they rallied in prayer and with their hands took part in what the King was doing.

The two young children of the prince’s former land are excited about the news of what the King has been doing. The princess, a former educator to village children, is also one who loves children throughout the world. The King is ordaining their steps, though they know not of all the details of what lies ahead on the trails of life.

They will trust in him with all their hearts. They will lean not on their own understanding. In all their ways they will acknowledge Him, and He, the Good, Loving, Wise King, will direct their paths and bless them for all of eternity.


  • Devin Eshelman - December 16, 2013

    This is a story of love expressed in a way that a child can understand. That child is me, deep down inside when I was saved, after nearly ten years of almost complete absence, returned to me. Thank you for reminding me of him and the reason he came back…Jesus my Lord and my Salvation!

  • Carol Taylor - March 20, 2013

    To King Jesus’ Prince and Princess – His Kingdom on Earth has grown because you are in it. Because you love Him, each other, and us, too! And we are so blessed by the richness of your love and faith! I would encourage both of you to continue writing! Your words are like a song! Love you so much!

  • Mike Mullert - February 10, 2013

    Hannah & Gino, i am a 74 year old lover of JESUS. Skyline Church has been my soul church since 1973. our dear pastor, JIM GARLOW, introduced your mom & dad were introduced to our congregation Feb 10 th. Pastor referred to your ministry and here I am reading your testimony and story. Thank you for having the courage to tell us your story.
    “O Lord, bless this precious couple. May the love of Jesus pour from the life-spring of this royal couple. Amen.”
    Looking forward to meeting you both. Mike

  • Brianna Timms - July 14, 2012

    Dear Mr. Gino

    I am so happy for you! I so glad that all turned out well for you I know it was hard with what you went through. i have really grown in the past couple of months with the lord and I know how exciting can be to be healed of all sorts of things of the past.Hope all is well for you and Hannah!


  • Linda Rivera - July 1, 2012

    Hey Gino and Hannah! I am so happy for the two of you. Gino it surely was a pleasure getting to talk to you and learn of this wonderful story the last night of the Holy Spirit conference at Green Lake Wisconsin. Wow, I love this story. It should be put in book form, it would be great. Ask Hannah to make the pictures to match the above story and take it to a publisher, it could be a best seller. You two are a match made in Heaven and I am so happy for the two of you.

    Lord Jesus, I ask by the Power of Your Holy Spirit to bless Gino and Hannah in their walk together with You. Bless them with the children that you have ordained for them. I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for them. Keep them safe from the evil one and bless them for all eternity. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

  • Kathy Privitera - February 23, 2012

    Oh, Gino, I am so thrilled for you. Brian said he saw you at church when John Bevere was here at GC. How you survived such an ordeal only to land in God’s perfect plan is a miracle in itself. I am so happy and overjoyed for what God is doing in your life with Hannah.

    Love in Christ,


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