May the “Peace” of God fill your 2018!

I wrote this song with the desire to enter into peace regardless of the chaos around me. I wanted to go on a journey into the 23d Psalm, into Philippians 4:6-7. It is my desire that this song will lead you by the waters and green pastures and into supernatural peace and love. I pray that as Jesus, the Prince of Peace, brings a peace to the storms in your life, that your soul will be restored. Happy New Year!

“Peace”- © Hannah Ford

You’re here with me
I can hardly understand
How the King of all the universe
Wants to hold my hand

You see right through me
Your care is so deep
All my fears and my anxieties
I lay them at your feet

I breathe in your peace. I breathe in your peace
Stretch out your hand and calm the raging storm in me
I breathe in your peace. I breathe in your peace
Let all around me fade except your lovely face
I breathe in your peace

You were once like me. You walked where I walk
All the burdens of this world you know, all my battles you fought
And you’re not worried about where I’m weak
You say you’ll be all the strength I need, You are there to carry me

You are leading me now to the waters and green pastures
My cup overflows and your goodness surrounds
I lay back and I rest in the light of your presence
My cup overflows and my soul is restored

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