A “Personal Decree” album response…

Someone who I had only briefly met handed me a card last week. What an encouragement! I’m so thankful that she took the time to write to me and I’m so thankful that the work that went into this album is bearing fruit in lives! Here are some excerpts:

“Your music has been such a blessing and an inspiration to me! When I saw you perform for the first time, I knew right away that you were special. Not only are you an incredibly talented songwriter with a beautiful voice, but you also truly know how to worship in spirit and discernment. You stand out from other worship leaders in that you seem to know how to “read” your audience, and it’s clear that you’re being prompted by the Holy Spirit as you lead. You’re not just following a scripted set. Your honesty and authenticity are refreshing. You are truly anointed in your gifting.

I’ve never met anyone so in love with worshiping God. Every single song on your “Personal Decree” album is full of hope and promise; this is why I played it on repeat for weeks and weeks in my car. I couldn’t get enough of the message. Your words of hope are so desperately needed in these times. I didn’t realize how starved my soul was for these life-giving words until I heard your album and couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for what you are doing! You are a light to this world. Thank you for making your music accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to hear your message. It’s clear that your work is not just a career… it’s a calling. You’re not doing this for fame or fortune; you’re doing it for the sake of the Kingdom. You will be greatly rewarded for this, good and faithful servant!

Your song lyrics also remind me that God has not forgotten me, He knows the desires of my heart, His promises are true, and He is worthy of praise, no matter what the circumstances dictate. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me and to countless others, I’m sure.”

Laura (La Jolla, CA)

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