KSON RADIO- San Diego’s #1 Country Radio Station

Thanks KSON Radio 97.3fm (San Diego’s #1 Country) for having me yesterday and for giving me a shout out about my new album, “Personal Decree”! You all are awesome! This was “Write a Tune Tuesday” – listeners called in with song thoughts and I had one hour to make a 90 second song out of it. Here is the result from listeners’ thoughts of 1) traffic, 2) a desert birthday party, and 3) every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast. Lots of thoughts rolled into one song. 😂I’ll post more pics and videos later but here’s KSON’s Facebook live stream! So fun! Thank you KSON RADIO for this great opportunity! You all are so fun to hang out with!! 😊🎶 You can listen HERE but I’ll also compile a video for YouTube soon. :) 

KSon Radio Hannah Ford

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