“Radiant God”- live lyric video from Green Lake, Wisconsin Holy Spirit Renewal Min. Conference

[tubepress video= “FIITEkm-D5Y”]

“Radiant God” by Hannah Ford (C)
(Radiance Album)
The glory of your presence
The warmth inside your eyes
You melt the dark away
Bringing light to all my days
I worship you, I worship you

Radiant God, Beautiful Friend
Savior of love, You gave me my freedom
Risen, You shine bright like the sun
Spirit of God, fill me anew, I worship You

Bright colors of your beauty
Illuminate my soul
Electrifying Love
I hear you call me and I come
I worship you, I worship you

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty
Worthy, worthy, worthy are You
You radiate with love, with beauty, and with strength
Let everything in you shine through me, shine through me

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