Green Lake Holy Spirit Renewal Conference :)

I had a great time attending and participating in the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference in beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin. It was so nice to be with friends and family! Fun fact- I got to lead worship with one of my nephews for the first time. He played the cajon! He’s growing up fast! :) The main session speakers were Todd White, Dean Sherman, and Robby Dawkins. They are all amazing men of God that are committed to bringing the world to know the love of God and to training up the church to do this important work! I was refreshed that they all really valued the Word of God, righteousness, and the need for the power of the Spirit. I’m proud of my dad, Clay Ford, who is the chairman of this ministry. So many people came to know Jesus and worship Him, so many were baptized, and so many were revived and renewed and encouraged to change the world with His love!

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