Budget shopping…

Ok, someone put me up to posting this because they said I should help people put together outfits for cheap.  :) Only some people need help in this way. I got this dress for $6 at the Goodwill. I liked the fabric and thought about if the 80s poofy sleeves would work. Could be cool. IF, and only if, I accessorized it right could I pull it off. Before I bought it, I thought about what I had (my clearance $5 belt, boots, etc) and thought it could work. Well, my husband liked the outfit. So the moral of the story… imagine what you already have that could help pull your possible purchase together. Be open minded and confident. Get ideas from the fashion industry but be yourself and be creative… just not gross. Not everyone will like the way you dress but who cares? :)  Have fun while being responsible with your money. God is the best designer and if He clothes flowers beautifully for free then He’ll clothe you for a good price.  Most importantly, remember that the inside of our lives is the most important thing of all. Be full of God’s light and love and shine with His beauty!:) Glorify Him in all you do…and wear.  God will smile.  He loves you soooooo much! :) :)


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