I love my Friday job! :)

I remember the days when people would tell me that I need to choose an age-range audience for my music. I guess I’d say 18-50, but not really. Children and youth have been some of my biggest listeners… and now elderly! On Fridays I do music therapy for those with Alzheimer’s, most of which are older. I bring my maracas and we shake, rattle, and roll. These people are are amazing and I feel so privileged to play for them and to get them singing with me and to bring joy into their day. They sing the oldies with me and are even learning my songs, like “Good Morning Sunshine”.  I feel tons of sunshine when I see their feet tapping and smiling faces and hear their shaking and singing. It’s amazing how music makes the heart sing. I pray that the songs of love, peace, and joy will bless them, heal them, and help them feel God’s arms around them.


  • Sonia - February 25, 2014

    how wonderful! God is really loving and healing and comforting through you…beautiful!

  • Clayton Ford - February 9, 2014


  • Cheryl - February 9, 2014

    Hannah, that is so amazing. Good for you! Praise God that HE has not forgotten these precious people, and He’s using you to show them that reality.


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