We will moose you…

We sure will moose all of our new friends in Alaska! God bless you all! 20130827-132526.jpg


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  • Christa and Erwin - November 14, 2013

    Hi Hannah and Gino! Do you remember us? We met you at Skagway at the viewpoint, it was an amazing, sunny day, we looked down to Skagway, we took a photo of you both. We are the two Austrians travelling around in our small FIAT – RV. You gave us one of your CDs as a gift. We want to tell you, that we like your music very much, often we heard it while driving and we heard it in radio, too, when we stayed in Northern California and in Florida.
    Now we are back in our homecountry, we had a wonderful trip through Canada und US.
    We want to greet you, say thank you for meeting you and we wish you all the best.
    Maybe you will travel to Europe, to Austria in the future. We want to wellcome you, maybe it will be possible to meet you again. Please contact us, if you will do so, too.
    Good luck, Christa and Erwin


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