Divine appointment with the Native tribe of Kalteg!

God is so cool! I’m visiting in Alaska and we have no running water where we are staying. We went to the laundromat to wash clothes and take showers and met a group of about 10 visiting fire fighters. (There are a lot of fires up here and we had been evacuated.) These fire fighters were all from a Native American tribe (the Kyukon Athatbascan) and from the region of Kalteg. We had actually prayed that we could minister to these specific people but didn’t know how we could since one can only get to their region by plane. So… God had us all meet in an unexpected place and  7 prayed to receive Christ in the “Soap Suds” laundromat! :) Then the next day I brought my guitar and my CDs to give as gifts to them at the fire camp. I had a mini-concert and we all prayed. God’s presence was with us so much. One man was healed of his back pain as we prayed and I sang my song, “Healing is Flowing.” Others felt like they were beginning to “know” and experience Jesus. Others just considered all that was going on. Their Fire Management Officer (from the Hoopa reservation, where my family and I have ministered before-so cool!) had been praying that they would be reached and before we met them we had been praying that we could minister to the people of Kalteg. We had no way to get to their area. So God had us all meet at a laundromat in a fire area. May the fire of God’s love burn brightly and spread like wildfire that none can quench! Please pray for these people that God would continue the great work that He’s begun in them!


  • Greg Moon - July 30, 2013

    Hannah, thank God for the time we had on the fire with you. We listend to your CDs the entire time. May God bless you and the Kaltag village.

    • admin - August 5, 2013

      Greg! It was soooo great that God had us all meet! I’m so thankful that He used you in their lives and brought you as their fire manager and that He brought us along, too. To know that my music is being listened to by them makes me so thankful. I just pray that God keeps using the songs to bring them closer to Him! God BLESS you so much!! Love, Hannah and Gino


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