Divine Mixup :)

I am not the drummer Hannah Ford, but the singer-songwriter and worship leader Hannah Ford. People get us confused online, especially on YouTube, but this was a God-orchestrated mix up. :) Someone wrote this comment on my YouTube Destiny Awaiting video:

“Hannah, do not know if you’ll read this, but I found watching videos yours. I went Drummer of Hard Rock and Metal, and I’m not easily influenced, I am also a bit wayward sheep of the Flock of God. But I can assure you that I saw the video three times and did not stop to mourn for what I conveyed your voice. What a beautiful song!!! I admired you as a drummer and I think you’re very good, but I assure you that you are much better as a singer and now I admire you more … An Old Drummer.”

Pray that this kind drummer finds his way back into the loving arms of God! :)

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