What is “making it” really?

A couple of weeks ago I was being interviewed above at the Pan Pacific Film Fest in Los Angeles where I sang. The interviewer asked me about Christians being in entertainment and I have some thoughts, some of which I didn’t get a chance to share in the short interview. I feel we should shine for Him in all we do. I lived in LA for so many years and I had people telling me that I needed to dress more sexy and basically be like the world to a point of major compromise to “make it.” It seemed ridiculous to me and still does, why Christians I went to church with would think they were “making it” in when they were in films like “American Pie” which degrade values in young people and lead to hurting them not furthering them into truth and freedom. Like I said, we should SHINE like stars in the dark!:) So what if the world doesn’t like the light. We can expect that. They rejected Jesus. But we can also expect that many will be touched by the love of God and will be changed. Christians should be the BEST artists of every form because our GOD is the creator of art and of the whole cosmos, of music, of joy, and of everything good… and He lives inside of us! I have a long way to go on my music skills, etc. but I strive with all of my heart to be the best to make it in God’s kingdom as an obedient daughter, reflecting His light and beauty. I’d rather have that any day than all of the money, fame, and hopelessness that the world can offer when you “make it.”  God will always love taking care of our needs and wants, but He defines success so differently than most of us do. I’d rather think His way. In the words of Katy Perry, “I wish I knew then, what I know now. Wouldn’t dive in, wouldn’t bow down…” I pray God picks her up in His loving arms full of grace, speaks to her heart, and releases her with the talents He gave her to be a world changer … and one who has learned what “making it” really is.

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