This is how God strengthens and encourages me to keep going with my music…

This is how God strengthens and encourages me to keep on going with the music. We never know how God is using us so just trust that when we’re obedient, He definitely is using our lives. Bless you all!

1) Back in 2005 I gave 600 of my cds to Russian students where I did concerts.Today a guy from Syria, who I gave my CD to while he was studying in Russia, contacted me. He still listens to the music and I was able to send him my newest music over email. He’s lost his home and church and so much due to the civil war there. Pray for him and that God keeps using my music to encourage him in his life. Pray for peace in the world and protection for my friend. He’s so nice and needs to see God do miracles in his life.

I got this message today, too. Pray for this sweet woman, that God would be so close to her, especially in her loss!
“Hello Hannah,
Your Radiance CD has ministered to me greatly as I grieve my husbands passing. All the love songs to Jesus have kept my focus on My Maker as my Husband now.
May the Lord bless you and your ministry.
Thank you!”

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