I had a AWESOME time with the Jr. Highers in Kansas!

Hey to all of my friends in Kansas and beyond! I am sooo excited about what God did in Kansas! I was able to be the main speaker, along with my husband, and God showed up with salvations, healings, and almost every one of the 76 Jr.Highers re-dedicating their lives to be Jesus to be world changers. They were soooo cool and I miss them already! I will post pics soon but someone raised an issue not wanting their kid(s) in any pics so for now I’m going to upload kids in their wonderful paintball masks! I have some on my Facebook site now so check them out. Too bad their beautiful faces aren’t online yet. But if you want your pic up, email me and let me know! :) CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK. Also, please click HERE to like my Facebook PAGES site.

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