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Hannah Ford’s Radiance CD
Radiates Intimacy With God

It was fun auditioning Hannah Ford’s newest CD called “Radiance.” The title encapsulates not only her delivery, but her Jesus-drenched character. Aside from her music, to observe this person is to look upon a loving young lady with quiet reserve blended with jubilant convictions. And, she and her lyrics are one.

Hannah has a throaty delivery, flowing like a mountain stream which is cool, smooth and surprisingly deep, with ripples in pleasing places. When I expected the melody to take me one place, I wound up in quite another. It was intimate worship, unconventional. According to Hannah, “You wouldn’t sing every song on this CD in church, but they represent worship as a way of life.”

The thirteen songs which made their way to this, her third compilation, offered a cross section of a day in the love life of this dedicated lady. “Good Morning Sunshine” was bright, eye-opening and invigorating. This was counterbalanced by her evening “Love Lullaby,” which was sweet, ending with a softly sung, “I love you Daddy. Good night.” Songs in between carried a combination from worship rock to rhapsody. This reviewer experienced the Holy Spirit tingles in three of her songs; the aforementioned two, and the infectiously phrased “I want to make you smile.” Ford’s “Destiny Awaiting” is a pro-life song written to unborn children, calling them forth into their destinies. “It also calls us all to step into our destinies as God’s children,” she added.

Hannah’s “Radiant God” cut is one of her favorites and was the song that made her a finalist, among thousands of entrants, in the Gospel category of International Songwriting Competition. Further, she hopes her song, “Healing is Flowing,” written out of her own pain, will bring healing to thousands.

Each song on her “Radiance” CD offers a slice of the unique relationship between Hannah and her beloved Savior. “Some may think from my lyrics that I’m always talking to God like He was just another person,” said Ford. “Don’t misunderstand,” she added, “I know there’s a reverent, awesome and mighty side to God. But, the personal and intimate side is very important, too.”
Miss Ford’s music is as multifaceted as her calling to lead worship in many different mission fields. “I’ve been to twenty countries, so far,” said the songwriter. “Every time I ask God if He wants me to be a long-term missionary in one particular country, He confirms to me that, at least for now, I’m where He wants me.”
Hannah’s flip side draws her to being a full-fledged artist, recording and doing concerts. “Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Do you want to be an artist or a worship leader?’ When He seems to have me going in one direction, He opens up another. I’m beginning to realize that I really don’t have to choose between being a worship leader and artist. I’ll just go where He leads me and love it.”

Ford’s heart for the Church and for world outreach has her leading worship at La Jolla Christian Fellowship, as well as ministering God’s compassion outwardly. She currently works with Yugo Ministries, Grace Children’s Home and has worked with Baja Christian Ministries since she was young. “I’ve always loved children, she said. “I was a public school teacher before going into full-time music ministry. I still have a valid teaching credential.”

In a culture where moral values are plummeting, Hannah has been a role model to young people. “I’ve saved my purity for marriage,” said the 37 year old worship leader. Recently, Ford has found time for personal romance and she’s getting married in August to Gino Dalessandro, who is also active in her church. They look forward to serving God together.

To order Hannah’s CD or to find out more about her, go to her website at www.hannahford.com.

Caz Taylor authored David’s Tabernacle Patterns for New Testament Worship, and co-owns a San Diego Video Production Company at www.bizvidcommunications.com.

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