I love my Friday job! :)

I remember the days when people would tell me that I need to choose an age-range audience for my music. I guess I’d say 18-50, but not really. Children and youth have been some of my biggest listeners… and now elderly! On Fridays I do music therapy for those with Alzheimer’s, most of which are older. I bring my maracas and we shake, rattle, and roll. These people are are amazing and I feel so privileged to play for them and to get them singing with me and to bring joy into their day. They sing the oldies with me and are even learning my songs, like “Good Morning Sunshine”.  I feel tons of sunshine when I see their feet tapping and smiling faces and hear their shaking and singing. It’s amazing how music makes the heart sing. I pray that the songs of love, peace, and joy will bless them, heal them, and help them feel God’s arms around them.

My first time on country radio… this will be fun!

MARCH 11th, 6:25am, The John and Tammy Show
I’m really happy to be on 97.3 FM, KSON- the station that is called George Radio after George Strait. :) I’ll be making up a song with a theme that  a listener calls in.
I will then be singing it LIVE on the radio for all of San Diego to hear. (And the world if you want to listen online.) Haha! I have a feeling it may be a fun and silly song, but I have no idea what the theme will be. It may be a tear jerker. :)
This is going to be fun!  www.kson.com

Worship around San Diego… come let us worship and bow down…

I’ve been having a good time leading worship around San Diego- from prayer meetings and a rally, to different churches, and in the alzheimer’s convalescent home that I regularly go to, etc. I am so happy to see that God is moving everywhere. It can be discouraging to watch the news and to hear about all of the problems, but the good news is that God is doing great things and His people are worshiping and interceding! He will hear our prayers! I noticed a theme as I led worship last week at Harbor Church and at Skyline Church’s prayer group. When I was praying about which songs to sing, God gave me visions both times of people on their knees in worship. So both times, after the full on joyous worship songs, God led me to sing the old song “Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down” coupled with “I Love You, Lord.” The pastor at Harbor had already heard from God about speaking on worshiping and bowing down as part of his sermon so it was great that God told us the same thing! :) Both times the vision that God gave me did happen. People responded so readily and were on their knees in humility and deep love of God. God is so amazing- not only a “cool” God (which He is!), but a holy, magnificent God that deserves our surrender and deepest worship! 2 Chronicles 7:14

Great concert last night!

So thankful that I was able to do a concert last night! I chose songs to play from my three albums (and my upcoming one) and had a walk down memory lane that started over 20 years ago with my first song. It was so fun to share the backend of how and why I wrote the songs, too! God is great! He is faithful, and no matter what- He’s worthy of our praise and of our best. Thanks to La Jolla Christian Fellowship for having me out and for all who came! We laughed, we cried… and even had great pizza and hot fudge sundaes, too!


Announcing “PRECIOUS CHILD”- Download Today!


My new original Christmas single is AVAILABLE NOW!!!
Please go download it today on iTunes for $.99 and spread the word about it!

I pray that this song brings you to worship Jesus in a special way this Christmas… and that you know how loved you are by Him!!! :)


(ALSO available on Google Play and Amazon)


Photoshopping stars…

Photoshopping stars now. I’m trying to design an iTunes graphic for my Christmas song single that I’m hoping will be ready soon.  I’m really excited! It’s a fun song all about worshiping Jesus and giving Him the gift of ourselves! :)

Overcoming a fear or stupidity?

Why does everyone seem to love spiders during October?? They’re a nightmare to me.  Here I am in Norway trying to overcome arachniphobia by holding a tarantula. I only look like I’m enjoying this. I think I was in shock. Haha!