May the “Peace” of God fill your 2018!

I wrote this song with the desire to enter into peace regardless of the chaos around me. I wanted to go on a journey into the 23d Psalm, into Philippians 4:6-7. It is my desire that this song will lead you by the waters and green pastures and into supernatural peace and love. I pray that as Jesus, the Prince of Peace, brings a peace to the storms in your life, that your soul will be restored. Happy New Year!

“Peace”- © Hannah Ford

You’re here with me
I can hardly understand
How the King of all the universe
Wants to hold my hand

You see right through me
Your care is so deep
All my fears and my anxieties
I lay them at your feet

I breathe in your peace. I breathe in your peace
Stretch out your hand and calm the raging storm in me
I breathe in your peace. I breathe in your peace
Let all around me fade except your lovely face
I breathe in your peace

You were once like me. You walked where I walk
All the burdens of this world you know, all my battles you fought
And you’re not worried about where I’m weak
You say you’ll be all the strength I need, You are there to carry me

You are leading me now to the waters and green pastures
My cup overflows and your goodness surrounds
I lay back and I rest in the light of your presence
My cup overflows and my soul is restored

National Worship Leader Magazine feature of my song and album! :)

My album (Personal Decree) and song (Right Now) is featured with National Worship Leader magazine! I love how they chose a hummingbird for the cover- I love them and I happen to look like one! I didn’t notice until after I made the collage. :)  “Right Now” is a song about choosing to follow God in every moment!❤️😊🎶🙏 Chord Chart Available HERE.

Hannah Ford Worship Leader Magazine Personal Decree Right Now

“Right Now”- © Hannah Ford

V. 1
It’s not just the words of my mouth
That speak of the love in my heart
Each day I’m given brand new ways
To say I love you. Will I trust you?

When I hear your voice, it’s leading me to act
Will I move forward or will I stand back?
Each day I’m given brand new ways
To say I love you. Will I trust you?

Right now, I won’t waste a moment
Right now, I choose to follow
Right now, I’m not changing my mind
Right now, I realize, You’re the way I want to go

I just want to spend my life holding your hand
Only you can open my heart with a glance
Each day I’m given brand new ways
To say I love you. And I will show you


How foolish it would be to ignore
The voice of love standing at my door
But my hearts’ telling me to follow the lead
Of the one who gave it all to make me free


Good times!

I had a great weekend!! Saturday morning I was blessed to be the guest musician for the Calvary Chapel San Clemente’s Christmas women’s event. Then I led an hour of Christmas music at the alzheimer’s home. The next day I had an album signing event all day at The Rock Church Point Loma’s Rockpile store. And then a couple of days later I was blessed to record 3 television episodes with Holland Davis- 3 songs and 3 interviews. I pray that God is glorified in ALL of this and I’m so very grateful to hear back from people about how God is using this music in their lives. Merry Christmas! May you experience His love in a powerful way this Christmas! O Come Let Us Adore Him- Christ the Lord!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.22.01 PM
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.19.54 PM
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 11.33.54 AM

Calvary Chapel Women’s Christmas Event

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 1.07.35 PM

I’m looking forward to this!

Saturday, December 9,  9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Calvary Chapel San Clemente
Guest Speaker:  Molly Kelly
Guest Artist:  Hannah Ford
Cost:  $ 15.00 per person

Personal Decree Album Signing Event!

Sunday, Dec 10 Rock Church Point Loma- I’ll be in The Rockpile Bookstore for all 4 services! I’ll also have my new Personal Decree t-shirts and my prophetic photography. Everything I create is meant to bring life, hope, and encouragement to people, so they also make great gifts!

“Creation is Praising” :)

One at a time I’m getting my songs on Youtube. :) Here’s a new one for the people who love God and His beautiful creation! Music video coming soon. Visit Chord Chart tab to download.

A “Personal Decree” album response…

Someone who I had only briefly met handed me a card last week. What an encouragement! I’m so thankful that she took the time to write to me and I’m so thankful that the work that went into this album is bearing fruit in lives! Here are some excerpts:

“Your music has been such a blessing and an inspiration to me! When I saw you perform for the first time, I knew right away that you were special. Not only are you an incredibly talented songwriter with a beautiful voice, but you also truly know how to worship in spirit and discernment. You stand out from other worship leaders in that you seem to know how to “read” your audience, and it’s clear that you’re being prompted by the Holy Spirit as you lead. You’re not just following a scripted set. Your honesty and authenticity are refreshing. You are truly anointed in your gifting.

I’ve never met anyone so in love with worshiping God. Every single song on your “Personal Decree” album is full of hope and promise; this is why I played it on repeat for weeks and weeks in my car. I couldn’t get enough of the message. Your words of hope are so desperately needed in these times. I didn’t realize how starved my soul was for these life-giving words until I heard your album and couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for what you are doing! You are a light to this world. Thank you for making your music accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to hear your message. It’s clear that your work is not just a career… it’s a calling. You’re not doing this for fame or fortune; you’re doing it for the sake of the Kingdom. You will be greatly rewarded for this, good and faithful servant!

Your song lyrics also remind me that God has not forgotten me, He knows the desires of my heart, His promises are true, and He is worthy of praise, no matter what the circumstances dictate. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me and to countless others, I’m sure.”

Laura (La Jolla, CA)