Off we go to Brazil to minister… pray for God to do what only He can do!!:))

Thanks for appreciating us! :)

I had a great time at the worship leaders’ appreciation luncheon put on by K-Praise!  Thanks so much to all of the sponsors!! The French Gourmet catered it, Chuck Fromm spoke and Tim Tim Timmons led worship. We were really blessed by this free event. Thank you sooo much!! I pray that the whole world will see how worthy Jesus is of our worship and that revival and another Jesus Movement happens!  2 Chron 7:14!!

The mountain…

I was picking out songs to lead in worship and I came across two songs that remind me of the persecuted people in Iraq chased on top of the mountain with no food or water. These worship songs are probably unknown to them but I pray that they make their own and that they experience the loving and powerful hand of God at work for them, even in the midst of such agony.

1)- “Never Once” by Matt Redman.

“Standing on this mountaintop, looking just how far we’ve come
Knowing that for every step you were with us…
Scars and struggles on the way but with joy our hearts can say…
Never once did we ever walk alone. Never once did you leave us on our own
You are faithful. God, You are faithful.

2) “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”- by Martin Smith
Over the mountains and the sea, Your river runs with love for me
And I will open up my heart and let the Healer set me free…
I could sing of your love forever…

Jesus…. pure love

Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life. May the nations trust in Him and receive the Holy Spirit. He is the only eternal hope of the world. He is PURE LOVE. People hate Him because He says He is the ONLY way to the Father. He was either a liar, crazy, or telling the truth. No religion thinks He was a liar or crazy, but no other religion thinks He’s the THE way, truth, and life. You decide. As for me, I believe. He is the WAY to ultimate freedom. He is the TRUTH that will lead you to everything good.  He is the LIFE that will fill you and illuminate you forever into eternity. It was His LOVE for YOU that brought Him to be crucified. It is His resurrection power that conquered death that will be yours if you believe, trust, and receive Him.

Please pray for God to do miracles!

In light of the the horrible tragedy that is happening in the world, particularly in Iraq right now, I’m posting this picture from the Action Bible to remind us that God can do miracles and that we need to pray! A Christian genocide is taking place at the hands of ISIS terrorist group and is resulting in children being beheaded with their heads being paraded around on sticks, women raped and killed and men hung to death. It is a crime against humanity, it is EVIL, and it is real. Pray with me for these persecutors to get knocked off if their horses like Saul of Tarsus. When you persecute God’s people you are persecuting Him. Saul met Jesus and went from being a Christian killer into the first missionary who wrote many books of the New Testament! I am praying for the Holy Spirit to work miracles like this all over the world!! Please join me and pray for a mighty deliverance for these persecuted people. If anyone understands what persecution is, it is Jesus Himself. Pray for God to work miracles! Thank you!

I don’t take this for granted…

The other night I went on a bike ride starting at sunset. Absolutely gorgeous and refreshing to my soul. “Thank you, God, for your blessings. They are not taken for granted. Help us to find beauty in every day the best we can. Bless the suffering in the world that they would also have joy, beauty, and peace, no matter what the circumstance. Let us always look to You with hearts full of hope and promise. Thank you for your promise of eternity with you. This earthly beauty is only a small reminder of what is to come. Love, hannah”

This little collage is a glimpse into my heart for the people living in Israel and Palestine. I gave away 200 of my cds there that I hope that they will still minister to them. I planted my “Jesus, Hold the Children” song there and I pray that the prayer is answered. I seeded my “Mercy” song there and I plead for mercy now. From the Israeli soldiers to the precious little Palestinian girl, may they all be safe, protected, and brought to a place of peace. More than anything, may the meet Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the Light of the World, the Savior for all who will believe.


I’m praying for beauty to bloom, even out of this prickly world.


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“Mercy” prayer song- for Indonesia, Japan, and the world.

This little story is so special to me!:

Last Saturday, on the way back from the World Missions Conference, I went to the Appleton, Wisconsin airport 4 hours before my flight. While there, I helped a man re-pack his suitcase of souvenirs so it would weigh less and he wouldn’t have to pay $50 extra dollars. Then I felt led to give him my “Fervency” album. Turns out that he is an Indonesian pastor. I wrote a prayer song on that “Fervency” album called “Mercy” that was written for Indonesia after the big tsunami. I told him about the song and how a simple recording of the prayer song was aired all over the country through Far East Broadcasting Company. Then I recorded it professionally and after the tsunami in Japan I made a slideshow video to raise prayers and money for that crisis. He gave me a cloth that says “Pray for Indonesia.” So cool! I had thought it was a rolled up t-shirt and that was one of the things I suggested to him to check on in the big suitcase. I’m glad he chose not to because now I have it!

20 minutes later another man came up to us. He was a pastor from Japan!  I told him about the song and video, too. I wrote the song for Indonesia and made a YouTube video with the song for Japan. The two men watched the video on a phone. It was a little emotional for all of us in different ways. Both of these men went to the areas of devastation to help ease the load of the crisis. Both of these men said how “overwhelming” the situations were. Both of these men were so grateful for the prayers. It was so special for me to see these men watching my little video. We never know who is praying for us and that day they learned that many more were than they realized.

I remember watching the crisis in Indonesia on the news right after it happened. I saw so many images that I was beginning to feel numb. It was almost surreal. I wondered what was wrong with me. I left the living room and went into my bedroom to pray.

I began to write these words:
“Break my heart, oh God, right now, with Your Spirit’s loving power. Reduce me till I am only love.”
Tears began to flow down my cheeks and one tear fell and landed write by my new lyrics in the perfect shape of a heart. I remember tracing it. I realized that God truly was giving me His heart.

Today I ended up looking at events around the world on the news. It is devastating. It is more than can be reported. I can only watch in doses and then I need to refocus on a flower just to see beauty, life, and hope. In the midst of any crisis, there is always hope. There is always a better place to set our sights on. In the midst of the chaos, fix your eyes on Jesus and let His hope fill you. He will bring beauty out of ashes! He will turn mourning into dancing! God have mercy and may your love and grace draw people to salvation both in this life and throughout all eternity!

Please take this opportunity to pray this song over the expanse of the WORLD. The pictures are of Japan, but it represents many countries and many individuals who are broken.

Thank you!



Here is the link to the video:

“Mercy” lyrics:


Break my heart, oh God, right now, with your Spirit’s loving power
Reduce me, till I am only love
For the least of these I pray- the lost, the broken, and afraid
Please, reveal to them your love

Mercy, I cry mercy, Lord. Mercy, I pray, mercy
And salvation for them now and for all their eternities
May they know you as their God and worship you as their King

With your strong arm rescue them. In gentleness reassure them
That they can trust in you
Be their living water, their bread of life, the light of their world
Every good thing comes from you

Your compassion and love shine so brightly.
May we hope and believe
Would you draw them, rebuild, and revive them
And as you do, may they see… (mercy)

Don’t give up… harvest is coming.

I ran across my old video of the making of my last album. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of how pressing on in faithfulness will result in harvest. I have a lot of testimonies since the release of this album. It took a lot of work to complete the project. Be encouraged EVERYONE to not give up in what God is calling you to do! It can get tough but keep going! Go for excellence, have peace in His grace, and leave the results up to God. Your most meaningful worship to God is in the process of obedience when every last ounce of strength is being poured out to Him in love. He exemplified that for us! He is with you!!!

Radiance- The Making of Hannah Ford's New Album
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World Missions Conference

Saturday night I got back from the World Missions Conference in Wisconsin. I met people from all over the world and was so grateful to learn more about what God is doing everywhere. It was so cool to be on the Prayer Team and pray for so many international, beautiful people with deep needs that only Jesus can touch. From Liberia to Thailand to Congo, France, and America, we all need our Savior and yes, He is mighty to save! Another highlight was to sing in my dad’s workshops there. He spoke on the need for the Holy Spirit and we made a good team. :) I sold some cds but it was even more of a blessing to give them to people who were from all over the place. I pray that God’s Spirit moves powerfully bringing many to Him, healing them, and setting them free forever! :) May God complete the good work He’s begun and may we do our part to show the world His love and truth.

“Radiant God”- live lyric video from Green Lake, Wisconsin Holy Spirit Renewal Min. Conference

Radiant God- Live worship, lyric video, by Hannah Ford
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“Radiant God” by Hannah Ford (C)
(Radiance Album)
The glory of your presence
The warmth inside your eyes
You melt the dark away
Bringing light to all my days
I worship you, I worship you

Radiant God, Beautiful Friend
Savior of love, You gave me my freedom
Risen, You shine bright like the sun
Spirit of God, fill me anew, I worship You

Bright colors of your beauty
Illuminate my soul
Electrifying Love
I hear you call me and I come
I worship you, I worship you

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty
Worthy, worthy, worthy are You
You radiate with love, with beauty, and with strength
Let everything in you shine through me, shine through me

God is with you! :)

I sang tonight for youth at a Christian homeschoolers debate camp at Point Loma Nazarene University. I sang “Fire in My Bones” and “Child of Royalty” which will be on my next album. May the fire of God’s LOVE and truth burn in us all and may we live knowing our identity, our purpose, and that our Heavenly Father will always strengthen us for what He calls us to do! Never fear. He is with you in power!



I’m thankful that God invented music! :)

I’m excited to be leading worship tomorrow at Harbor Church in San Diego! I’m so thankful that God invented music to be one of the ways to worship Him!

Set list:
Happy Day- Tim Hughes
Like a Lion- Daniel Bashta
Holy Spirit- Brian and Katie Torwalt
Radiant God- Hannah Ford
How Great is Our God- Chris Tomlin