Pray for my Dad!

My Dad is going in tomorrow morning for angiogram and lab prep. He has an aortic aneurism. Open-heart surgery is early Thursday morning, unless the Lord heals him first! Please pray! Thanks!! :)

This is soooo encouraging!

This is soooo encouraging! Keep on praying for God to bring people to Him through this crisis and pray for God to keep using our brothers and sisters around the world! Go Family of God! Shine with the love of Jesus!

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So true! :)

Samaritan’s Ministries helping persecuted in Iraq…

Such a wonderful organization that is helping the persecuted in Iraq. Consider donating! The love of Jesus is more powerful than anything!


More rain this morning! I wasn’t the only one refreshed! This is what Jesus does for my soul!:)


Yesterday there was an unexpected downpour during a drought and heat wave. This was not in the forecast. Thank you, God! :) We had just prayed for rain! There was even a big rainbow over our apartment during and after the rain!

The last time I was in a downpour like this that came suddenly was three weeks ago in Brazil. We had all just finished singing “Our God is an Awesome God” in English and in Portuguese. The song has lyrics that say, “He’s got thunder in his footsteps and lightning in His fists.” Both times, in Brazil and here yesterday, we were singing that song and immediately after there was thunder, lightning, and rain!!! God IS awesome!! This occurrence has really encouraged me to keep praying because God does hear!

Remembering 9-11-01

We will never forget 9-11. We will never forget the moment we heard what had happened. We will never forget the images of terror, the heroes, the bravery, the loss, the personal stories. God bless all those affected by this tragedy and may your loss be replaced by blessings of every kind. May God protect and bless our nation and the world!

ORMIBAN in Brazil

This is the conference that my family was a part of in Brazil! God bless this great ministry and organization, ORMIBAN! Please pray for one of the heads of this ministry. He fell off of his roof and it is SERIOUS. Please pray for God to do a miracle and heal him! Thank you!

Esta é a conferência que a minha família era uma parte do Brasil!  Deus abençoe este grande ministério e organização, ORMIBAN! Por favor, orem por um dos chefes deste ministério. Ele caiu de seu telhado e é sério. Por favor, orem para que Deus faça um milagre e curá-lo! Obrigado!

Fire in the sky…

Last night’s sky looked like it was on fire. It was beautiful, intense, and only brought awe of God, no harm. That’s the kind of fire I want in my life.


This is how I got distracted earlier this morning during my prayer/exercise time. I will try to turn this into something productive. Here goes: “We all leave tracks in life. If a lost person found yours and followed them, would it help lead them somewhere good?”


I had an amazing time in Brazil with my family!!! The people were wonderful, the ministry was powerful, and the country is beautiful! My music cut through language barriers and many told me that they cried and were impacted because of the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’m trying to learn some songs in Portuguese, too. The universal language is LOVE and I’m so thankful we got to speak in that language!!

Eu tive um tempo maravilhoso no Brasil com a minha família !!! As pessoas foram maravilhosos , o ministério foi poderoso, eo país é lindo! Minha música cortar as barreiras linguísticas e muitos me disseram que eles choraram e foram impactados por causa da presença do Espírito Santo . Eu estou tentando aprender algumas músicas em Português , também. A linguagem universal é amor e eu sou tão grato que chegamos a falar nessa língua!!

The morning after the conference finished I met this couple who had attended. Through my translator he explained to me how he was so touched by my music. He said he is from a region in Brazil where men don’t show much emotion but that my singing made him, a grown man, cry like a baby every time. He said he never does that. It was the Holy Spirit! Then another lady said she cried whenever I sang, too. These people felt the love and power of God and I thank Him for answering my prayers to break through the language barrier. So many people have said that they experienced God’s presence through my songs, even though they were in English. It is ONLY His grace and power, not my ability, that touched lives and I humbled and honored to be a part of His work!:) Now I’ll be practicing songs in Portuguese, too!:)

Sail in God’s Freedom and Light :)



Off we go to Brazil to minister… pray for God to do what only He can do!!:))

Thanks for appreciating us! :)

I had a great time at the worship leaders’ appreciation luncheon put on by K-Praise!  Thanks so much to all of the sponsors!! The French Gourmet catered it, Chuck Fromm spoke and Tim Tim Timmons led worship. We were really blessed by this free event. Thank you sooo much!! I pray that the whole world will see how worthy Jesus is of our worship and that revival and another Jesus Movement happens!  2 Chron 7:14!!