Thanksgiving and The Volcano Song

I hope your day “erupts” with joy and thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to go visit my family and friends in Virginia. It was a great trip including beautiful horseback riding, lots of laughs, playing my 97 year old grandma’s keyboard and singing hymns with her, and good southern cooking by my aunt.

Two of my little friends that I love to see there reminded me of my volcano song. They know the song and hand motions so we decided to make a video and teach it to whoever wants to learn it. I wrote it while I was in the Philippines near a volcano. As requested by my Filipino friends, it was put on my Fervency album as a hidden track.

So what does this volcano song have to do with Thanksgiving? Nothing (haha!)- but in the context of this holiday, it reminds me that I want to “erupt” with thanksgiving for all of God’s blessings. Also, unlike dangerous lava, I hope to overflow with the goodness of God that blesses those around me.

No matter how hard life gets, I encourage you to stir up your faith and childlike joy and count the blessings that you are thankful for. The biggest blessing is that you are so very loved by God!!! So let’s all “erupt” with joy and thanksgiving to Him! KABOOM!!! God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 95:2-3
“Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.”

Election Day…

Drawing from a sweetie…

This sweet little girl handed me a drawing she made of me while I led worship tonight. And she put Jesus in a heart. She even knew where I plugged in my guitar. Precious!😊 Keith Fortenberry- great teaching tonight! We should never forget our need for God and His faithful provision in our lives! ❤#horizonparkchapel

So fun- dinner concert at Calvary Chapel San Clemente!

hannah ford, holland davis calvary chapel san clemente
Thanks Holland and Roxie Davis for having me come out! What an awesome time! :)

“Jesus, Hold the Children”, prayer song video

“Jesus, Hold the Children”, written by Hannah Ford © ASCAP, CCLI 7040320, Fervency Album (Lyrics Below)

I pray that my song inspires you to pray for the children around the world! Please share it. Also, I hope you realize, no matter how old you are, you are still young compared to God. Count yourself as a child and take this song for yourself, as well. 1 John 3:1- See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God…”

Lyrics to “Jesus, Hold the Children”:

Jesus, Hold the children of the world close to you
Hold their heads high, and hold their hands tight
Let them see the joy upon your face, your love for them
that won’t ever erase
Lead them to your grace

And may you be their strength to make it through this world
And may your love sustain and carry them through all of their days
Jesus, hold the children close to you

Jesus, hold the children of the world close to you
Protect and heal, provide and stand beside
Give them laughter for their pain
Give them holiness for the stain this world has tried
so hard to leave upon them

And may you be their strength to make it through this world
And may your love sustain and carry them through all of their days
Jesus, hold the children close to you

Be their shepherd, be their guide through all their days and nights
Jesus, hold the children close to you
I pray Jesus, hold the children close to you
Production and percussion by MD Thompson.
Guitars by Michael Angel Alvarado
Guitar studio engineering by Jonas Aras

“Fin and Feather” Dinner & Concert

Thank you to Pastor Holland Davis, for having me out to do a concert at his church! I’m looking forward to this- bring some food to share and enjoy a free concert and great fellowship at Calvary Chapel San Clemente.

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here…

I was given some footage of when I got to be a guest worship leader at my parent’s church in Ventura (Dr. Clay and Cheryl Ford, Coastline Bible Church.) It was such a BLESSING to minister with them again! And it was so good to meet new people, including their awesome worship team. :) Holy Spirit, you are welcome here, come fill this place and fill the atmosphere…(song by Bryan and Katie Torwalt.)