Grateful for God’s beautiful creation!


Fun with my littlest niece. She’s a cute monkey and we’re going to celebrate Easter well tomorrow. Jesus rose from the dead! Woohoo!

US Military Chaplains and RP Retreat

What a wonderful retreat we had partnering with the US Military, Credo, and Half-Time Organization!! We’re so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful team! I did a 2 part concert in the evening, led worship for their morning devotional time, and also intermingled additional songs throughout the retreat. We heard amazing feedback about how God has used the music in their lives and we are so grateful!

We heard that the people coming to this retreat “are the care givers who rarely get care” so our vision was to have people join us in this opportunity to give back. We were able to make 35 awesome care packages full of books, music, a movie, Starbucks gift cards, munchies, a very moving letter of appreciation, and more. Wow, great job everyone for pitching in!  Several of the chaplains told us that often their jobs are thankless and that we had no idea how healing this whole retreat was for them, including the music and the gift bags.


One of the chaplains was dedicated at 11 years old to the Buddhist temple in Thailand and is now a Buddhist chaplain in the US. He told me that my songs were full of life, love, and peace, and he even paid extra for two of my albums so I could continue to do what he called very important and good work. Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to our precious new friend! We also had a great time with the RPs, who are the body guards and assistants for the chaplains, and they were touched by God’s presence, too! I ended up singing songs from all three albums, from my “coming soon” album, as well as a brand new one that I wrote last month, inspired by Pastor Saaed, the Egyptian martyrs in Lybia, and the Jordanian pilot who was brutally killed. Many of the songs I sang I haven’t sung in quite a while. As I prayed and prepared, however, God brought to mind certain songs that relate to PTSD, the need for restful sleep, etc. “Love Lullaby” became a favorite to some, as well as a warrior song that will be on my next album! :) God used seemed to use all of the songs to touch people in a variety of ways. Thanks to all of you who donated and prayed! It was a beautiful & powerful time! :)

Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift’s producer) reviews “Fire In My Bones”

Episode #98 - Nathan Chapman (made with Spreaker)
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Several years back, Nathan Chapman, Taylor Swift’s producer, was interviewed and my song, “Fire In My Bones” (from my Fervency album) was part of the interview. My producer of that album, MD Thompson, just told me that they re-aired the interview on Nashville radio on Sunday night. Pretty cool! :) The Hannah Ford/MD Thompson section starts at 48:30.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today I’m teaching and I came prepared. “Green skirt, green toes. No pinching kiddos!” :) All joking aside, St. Patrick was an amazing man and he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity to people. Three leaves (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and one God. I wrote a song about it last year for a radio station. Have fun watching! :) Green bacon!!

"Shamrock Near My Heart" Hannah Ford, 97.3 FM KSON
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I may look cute with my little princess flower crown, but don’t mess with me or you’ll get pricked! :)

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Good chocolate…

Hey, what’s going on here- Jesus Easter candy? This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen a chocolate company celebrate Easter’s true meaning.

Marine Corps chaplains retreat

I’m excited that I get to do a concert and lead worship at a US Marine Corps chaplains retreat for those recently returning from combat in the past 18 months. These are the encouragers of our frontline soldiers, the caregivers who rarely get care. Whoever wants to donate towards care packages for them ($, books, music)- click HERE and scroll down to the paypal link. To send a check, email Thanks!


"Revival", by Hannah Ford (2 Chronicles 7:14)
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I’m sharing my prayer and song. It’s time for 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Pray for our Syrian family…

Pray for rescue and supernatural peace and protection for the 250 Syrian Christians who were captured by ISIL. Don’t allow yourself to get desensitized or overwhelmed to the point of shutting these things out. They need us to be with them. They are our family. Pray.

Hannah Ford- the singer, not the drummer :)

I posted this video on YouTube because I often get mixed up with Hannah Ford, the drummer, who is on tour with Prince. I am on a lifelong tour with the Prince of Peace and I’d love to hire her to play on one of my albums someday. Until that day I remain amused at how people mix us up and I made this little video to help clear things up for people on YouTube. It was filmed at the Soundhouse in Redding, CA, while recording my upcoming album. And no… I thankfully did not play the drums on the album! I was just messing around. :)  Stay tuned!

Hannah Ford- the singer, not drummer
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“Healing is Flowing”

I just found out last night that Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London has commissioned a dance team to dance to my song, “Healing is Flowing” at a healing conference there next week. I’m hoping that God blesses many through it and that He heals many, too! :) (HTB Church is where the Alpha Program began with Nicky Gumbel and where Tim Hughes is worship leader, for those of you that know about them.)

Click here to listen to the song on YouTube

My upcoming album…

My Album #4 is on it’s way and it is getting better by the minute. I’m getting some songs mixed now and we’re excited about the progress! My production team also headed up “Bethel Tides”, “You Make Me Brave”, and “We Will Not Be Shaken”. Originally my album was going to have 10 worship songs but I had also written 3 other songs that were for people who need hope and encouragement through the hard times. So now there are 13 songs total! :) Please pray for God to bless these songs as they are being mixed and pray for God to use them powerfully and bring them to the people He wants to hear them. Also, I’m going to be raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the final album costs and to make some music videos! Pray for God’s provision and consider being a part of this exciting album that He’ll use. Thanks so much!

Singing in parks- Saturday I realized how much I miss doing this.

Winter in San Diego

This is our winter in San Diego. I like walking around filling my phone up with flower pictures. We kind of have seasons. :)