Happy Easter!!

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Happy Easter!! :)

Thankful for life, freedom, and hope!

My little friends made this. Precious! Jesus died on the cross but Easter is coming!


Haha!! Finding funny old pics…

Oh my!! I just found these pictures. HAHAHA!! My husband, before we were married, found some new computer tools and went to town with my pics- not sure which crazy town he took me to but it was funny!:) Michael Berger , thanks for taking my “Radiance” album design up some big notches!!  Getting excited for my 4th album coming soon!


Remembering the sacrifice and the victory…

Happy Good Friday everyone!! I’m really thankful for the incredible sacrifice of love that Jesus became for us, and…. I’m really excited that Easter is coming! Death is swallowed up in victory!

Beautiful little blessings…

Whenever life seems like too much, keep your eyes open to the blessings of God that are all around you! Here are some little ones I found while walking and praying. :)


Beach baptisms!

So much fun leading worship for a beach baptism! 6 people were baptized by Pastor Kevin at Harbor Church. Check out the dog on the stand up paddle board… :))) So much fun leading worship for a beach baptism! 6 people were baptized by Pastor Kevin at Harbor Church. Check out the dog on the stand up paddle board… :))) Haha!>


Bono: Who is Jesus?

I’ve always loved the music of U2 and Bono. What a cool interview! I’m with Bono- I believe that Jesus is the Messiah and I believe in miracles.

Offering ourselves as an offering…

I had a great time leading worship at Harbor Church in San Diego on Sunday. I led a new song that I wrote called, “Offering” that will be on my next album. The pastor led everyone to take turns standing in the offering baskets…literally! I’ve never seen this done but it sure drove the point of the song home! Really cool!:)


I prayed for God to bring heaven to Earth and then He gave me Cowboy Bark!


Loving the weather!

I’m really thankful for a beautiful day and a bike ride!! :)

Ugandan Orphan’s Choir! Awesome!

Last night I got to watch these beautiful children sing and dance and it was soooo awesome! They are precious. They’re going to listen to my album on their tour bus and I’m going to listen to their album in my car! For more information and to see if they’ll be touring to your area visit here:



“Shamrock Near My Heart”- shorter video, song only

This is the song only-! I had a professor tell me that he loved the layers of depth in the song. He said it was “brilliant”- never expected to hear that. I hope people meet the Trinity and that they’ll never look at a shamrock the same. I hope that the rainbow’s original meaning of God’s promise leads people to the treasure found in Him.

"Shamrock Near My Heart", by Hannah Ford KSON 97.3 FM
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“Write a Tune Tuesday”- “Shamrock Near My Heart” video and song from yesterday!

Woohoo! Here’s the video footage from yesterday’s radio fun!  I’ve never written a song soooo fast! Also, I got up at 4:45 am and my voice and brain were tired, but it was worth it!

"Shamrock Near My Heart" Hannah Ford, 97.3 FM KSON
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Listeners of KSON 97.3 FM (San Diego’s #1 Country radio) had called in and wanted me to write a song about St. Patrick’s Day that addressed green beer and corned beef. The song I came up with is SILLY but DEEP and is called “Shamrock Near My Heart.” :) I’m actually not a beer drinker, but I mentioned it in the song. Also, corned beef didn’t rhyme so I mentioned “green gritz and bacon” which seems to be memorable. Ha!! Most memorable to the DJ was my line “every rainbow’s a reminder of the treasure that I hold.” Here’s an explanation of the chorus: St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is always near me and dear to my heart. Actually, He lives in my heart. The rainbow symbolizes God’s promises. When I slide down the colors to the “pot of gold” I’m really meaning that I’m riding on God’s promises, even when it’s hard. This will always bring me to great treasure- both now and when I get to heaven on gold-paved roads. More than anything, God is my treasure. As for the rest of my song…. it’s pure silliness!!

“Shamrock Near My Heart”, by Hannah Ford (C)

Green eggs, green rivers
Green beer, green liver
Green Irish Spring to make you clean
Green grits, green bacon
We’re celebratin’
St. Patty’s day in an-eco green way

Don’t pinch me. This is not a dream
Don’t pinch me. I’m wearing green
I’ve got a shamrock near my heart
Gonna find a rainbow at its start
Gonna slide down the colors to my pot of gold
I’ve got a shamrock near my heart
I’ll believe even when it’s hard
Every rainbow’s a reminder of the treasure that I hold

Green shoes, green fingers
My car has green blinkers
I’ve spent some green money to be a green honey
Google informed me, I’ve been conned by leprechauns
St. Patrick liked blue
Can’t believe it, but it’s true

I’ve got a shamrock near my heart
Three leaves, one love
And every rainbow’s a reminder of the treasure that I hold

(You can eat green eggs, float down a green river
But if you drink green beer, you might get a green liver.)


Video, lyrics, and pics of today coming soon! :)

Pictures from today! Song and video coming!! :)


Fun this morning on 97.3fm!

Thanks, John and Tammy, for having me on your show to share my funny song, “Shamrock Near My Heart!” :) I had a blast! I’ve never had to write a song so quickly but it turned out really funny, and even deep! Video, song, and lyric explanation will be posted here soon!